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Memorial Day Sale! Get 5% off with every order by using code “50OFF“
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The MRCOOL LineGuard Line Set Cover is a protective exterior line set cover designed for use with MRCOOL ductless mini split systems. This set of protective coverings can fit over a total of 12 feet of ductless refrigerant lines. It is easy to install, lightweight, and pliable. This kit includes three straight cover sections that are 4 ft each, a bend, a wall hole cover, and interconnecting pieces.

The width of a LineGuard Set is equipped to fit one lineset, not multiple linesets.

Why invest in a protective line set cover? Weather, like wind, rain, cold, and heat can be damaging to exposed refrigerant lines. Extreme conditions can lead to efficiency loss, corrosion build up, and even mechanical failure. Protecting your MRCOOL system with a line set cover kit will enable your brand new MRCOOL ductless system to operate effectively for years to come.

The MRCOOL LineGuard Line Set Cover also allows for a more attractive exterior aesthetic. A lot of homeowners do not like the sight of exposed refrigerant lines being exposed outside of their home. This kit protects, but also makes those same lines neat and tidy.

Learn how to install the Line Guard with this informative video!


Length 12 ft (3 x 4 ft pieces)
Width 4.5"
Weight 12 lbs
Restricted States GU;PR;VI

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MRCOOL LineGuard Set Cover for MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split Systems - 12 Feet, MLG450

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