Memorial Day Sale! Get 5% off with every order use code “50OFF”
Memorial Day Sale! Get 5% off with every order by using code “50OFF“
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Meet the 5 KW Heat Kit for the MRCOOL ProDirect Series to heat your home up in the cold winters.

Compatible with: ProDirect 18K, 24K, 30K, 365K, 42K, 48K, 60K Air Handlers

Why purchase a heat kit?

Electric heat strips or heat kits are a supplemental or secondary heat source that is installed inside the air handler. Often compared to a "big blow dryer", the heat kit directly distributes heating output into the ducts. The use of heat kits is predominantly used in emergency cases when the heat pump is temporarily down or if the outside temperature is extremely cold. While not as energy efficient as heat pumps, heat kits are used as necessary and generally for short periods of time.


Product Dimensions 9"W x 2.6"D x 12"H
Equipment Type Heat Kit
Heating Capacity 15,001 - 20,000 BTU
Estimated Coverage Area 800 square feet
Voltage Requires a minimum of 240V/25A (please check your home meets this electrical requirement prior to purchase)
Max Fuse Breaker 60 A
Rate Load 5
Auxiliary Heater Sizes 5 KW
Certificate UL Listed

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MRCOOL 5kw ProDirect Heat Kit, PHK05H

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