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Allerair AirMed 3 Air Purifier

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Allerair AirMed 3 Air Purifier

Any order of 10+ units can be custom painted black for no extra cost. Please contact us or make a note in the memo section of your order.

The high performance of this compact and portable unit is pared with one of the deepest and thickest carbon bases for it's class. Rated to handled up to 375 sq ft X 8 ft ceilings with 2 air exchanges per hour. 

Benefits and Features:

  • deep 3 inch thick carbon filters for better odor and chemical absorption.
  • 12 lbs activated carbon 
  • Super HEPA to handle 99.99% of particulate down to 0.1 microns in size.
  • Made for portability so you can use it in bedrooms, offices, smaller rooms, utility rooms, closets, art studios.
  • Variable speed so you can set it a the level you need.
  • 100 CFM motor to push air efficiently across the filters
  • Made for easy portability with handle on top to carry the Allerair AirMed 3 Air Purifier where needed.
  • Lightweight so easy to move around with 20 lb operating weight.
  • Optional UV for live pathegens like mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria.
  • low energy consumption. Only 1 amp standard units, 3 amps when UV is added. That is like a 30 watt lightbulb for the Allerair Airmed 1 Air Purifier

Compare AirMed Models

  • AirMed 1 – 5.5 lbs  / 1 inch thick activated carbon, prefilter, Medical Grade HEPA
  • AirMed 1 Supreme – 7 lbs / 1 inch thick activated carbon, prefilter, Medical Grade True HEPA H13
  • AirMed 3 - 12 lbs / 3 inch thick activated carbon, prefilter, Super HEPA
  • AirMed 3 Supreme - 16 lbs / 3 inch thick activated carbon, prefilter, Super HEPA

    Carbon Blend Types Available

    • Vocarb – Special carbon blend for heavier chemical, VOC and odor cleanup. 
    • Exec – Allerair's signature blend is made for lighter levels of odors and chemicals

    Ultraviolet (UV)

    • Great option to eliminate and protect you from germs, bacteria, mold and other live pathogens.

    We have a knowledgeable staff at The Air Purifier Store. Ready to help you with any questions or help you need. Contact us and we will help.


        Model Filters 12 lbs X 3 inch deep activated carbon, Super HEPA, pre-filter
           CFM 100
           Speed Variable
           UV Lamp 5 watt UV-C
           Available Colors White
           Voltage 115/60Hz only
           Amps (115V/230V) 1 non UV, 3 with UV
           Cord Length 6 feet
           Noise Level 40-60 dB
           Filter Access Bottom screws
           Motor Details Motorized Impeller
           Mfg Warranty 3 Years Parts & Labor / 5 years Parts
           Dimensions 16" (height) x 11" (diameter)
             Operating Weight 20 lbs for the Allerair AirMed 3 Air Purifier



            • Gaskets:
              • Should be replaced whenever you get new carbon/hepa to ensure an air tight seal 
            • Prefilter:
              • Clean regular with vacuum or shaking out
              • Replace every 6-12 months in normal usage, every 2-3 months for best performance.
              • HEPA Filter
                • Change every 2-3 years in normal usage
                • Carbon Filter
                  • Change every 3 years under normal usage
                  • Will omit an unpleasant odor when carbon life is ending.
                • UV Lamp
                  • Replace approximately every 8500 hours of use of continuous use

                  WHAT’S IN THE BOX

                  1 – One Allerair AirMed 3 Air Purifier of model  selected
                  1 –  Owner’s Manual
                  1 of each filter type, UV included if selected

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