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Sports Afield Gun Safes: A Comprehensive Review, Manufacturing Origins, and Lighting Line Insights

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we understand the importance of securing our firearms in a reliable safe. Sports Afield is a brand that has been providing various gun safes, catering to the diverse needs of gun owners. In this article, we will explore whether Sports Afield gun safes are good, where these safes are made, and their line of lighting safes. Additionally, we will provide an overview of Sports Afield safes reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Sports Afield has established itself as a significant player in the gun safes market. Their most popular model is the SA72040, which is noted for its competitive pricing, sturdiness, and stylish design. However, it's essential to know that these safes are not made in the USA. As per Expert Safe Reviews, they are 100% manufactured in China under the parent company SA Consumer Products.

Furthermore, Sports Afield offers a unique line of lighting safes, such as the Haven 36-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Biometric Gun Safe with Interior Lighting. This range is designed to provide additional convenience and visibility, making it easier for users to access their firearms in low-light conditions. By considering various reviews and features, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Sports Afield safes so you can determine if they are the right fit for your needs.

Are Sports Afield Gun Safes Good?

We found that Sports Afield gun safes are considered reliable and secure options in the market. They offer a variety of models with different features, such as fireproof and waterproof protection. For instance, the Preserve 32-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Electronic/Keypad Gun Safe and the Haven 48-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Electronic/Keypad Gun Safe with Interior Lighting are popular choices among customers.

One of their most popular models is the Sports Afield Gun Safe SA72040, which is known for its tough build and stylish design. Sports Afield safes are designed with practicality and efficiency in mind. For example, the Sports Afield 24 safe comes with pre-cut holes for easy anchoring and built-in USB ports and AC power port for seamless integration into your existing setup.

Sports Afield also offers their Haven series, which includes the Haven 36-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Biometric Gun Safe with Interior Lighting. This safe offers advanced biometric technology for increased security and ease of access, as well as interior lighting for better visibility.

However, it's important to note that Sports Afield safes are not made in the USA but rather in China. Despite this, their products continue to garner positive reviews and trust from customers due to their quality and features.

Where Are Sports Afield Safes Made

As enthusiasts of safe and secure storage, we have researched where Sports Afield safes are manufactured. We discovered that the safe bodies and interiors of Sports Afield, Sanctuary, and Remington safes are all made in China. The factory they use was initially built to make shipping containers but later transitioned to producing safe products (Expert Safe Reviews).

Though these safes are made in China, we observed improvements in the quality of the interiors, specifically for Sports Afield. It's essential to note that their products' quality has improved over time, offering users excellent security and reliability (Shooting and Safety).

One of their most popular models is the Sports Afield Gun Safe SA72040, which showcases their dedication to both style and functionality. With a diverse range of products available, Sports Afield has become a reputable brand providing dependable security for your firearms and valuables.

Sports Afield Line of Lighting Safes

In this section, we will discuss the line of lighting safes offered by Sports Afield. Lighting safes are gun safes that come with built-in interior lighting, making it easier to access and organize stored firearms and valuables in low-light conditions. We will cover the features and specifications, as well as the types of lighting safes available.

Features and Specifications

Sports Afield lighting safes incorporate a range of features that provide convenience, security, and ease of use. Some of these features include:

  • Fireproof and waterproof construction, ensuring that your valuables are well-protected in the event of a fire or flood
  • Electronic keypad and biometric locking systems, offering secure access to authorized users
  • Interior LED lighting, which allows for easy visibility and organization of stored items
  • Adjustable shelving, enabling customization of the interior storage space to suit individual needs
  • Capacity to hold various numbers of firearms, depending on the size and model

Each specific model of Sports Afield lighting safe comes with its unique specifications which can be found on their product listings.

Types of Lighting Safes

There are several types of lighting safes within the Sports Afield lineup, catering to different storage capacities and security requirements. Some popular models include:

  1. Preserve Series: This series offers fire and water protection along with electronic keypad access. Preserve safes are available in various sizes, with some models holding up to 32 guns.
  2. Haven Series: Haven safes are designed with added security features, such as biometric access and increased fire protection. A popular model within this series is the SA5930HX-BIO, which can hold up to 36 guns and includes interior lighting.
  3. Sanctuary Series: These safes target not only gun owners but also the general audience seeking to store important documents and valuables. Sanctuary safes come with adjustable shelving and offer fire and water protection as well.

In addition to the mentioned models, Sports Afield offers various other lighting safes catering to different needs and preferences. Visit their official website or authorized retailers for more information on their entire product lineup.

Sports Afield Safes Review

In this section, we will discuss the overall quality and functionality of Sports Afield gun safes. We will cover the pros and cons of these safes as well as share customer testimonials to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from a Sports Afield safe.

Pros and Cons


  • Tough and sturdy construction ensures the security of your firearms and valuables.
  • Fire resistance up to 1200 degrees F for 40 minutes, offering protection from potential fire hazards.
  • Stylish design with a dark finish blends easily into various types of interior décor.


  • While Sports Afield safes are made from durable steel, they may not withstand the same level of abuse as more expensive, high-end safes.
  • Some customers have reported difficulties with the locking mechanisms, requiring additional maintenance or replacement.

Customer Testimonials

Many users of Sports Afield gun safes have praised their durability and security features. One customer stated, "I've had my Sports Afield safe for a few years now and it's been a reliable and secure option for storing my firearms."

Another user mentioned the fire resistance feature saying, "A fire broke out in my house, but my guns were protected in my Sports Afield safe. I couldn't be more grateful for that."

On the other hand, some customers reported minor issues with the safes, such as a less-than-smooth locking mechanism. However, the majority of customers have been satisfied with their Sports Afield safes, finding them to be reliable, secure, and well worth the investment.

Comparison to Competitors

As we compare Sports Afield gun safes to their competitors, we can observe that there are some unique features that set them apart. For starters, their most popular model, the SA72040, offers a sturdy and stylish design with a dark finish, which allows it to blend in virtually anywhere.

One factor that also differentiates Sports Afield safes from other brands is their fireproof and waterproof capabilities, as seen in the Preserve 32-Gun Safe (Model # SA5932P) and Haven 36-Gun Safe (Model # SA5930HX-BIO). These features make them appealing to gun owners who want to protect their firearms not only from theft but also from damage due to fire or water.

Another key aspect is the quality of their electronic locks. For example, the Sports Afield SA-PV2 home and office desk hand gun safe comes with an illuminated, touchpad-activated 12-button electronic lock. Not all competitors offer illuminated keypads, which can make accessing the safe easier in low light situations.

In terms of options, Sports Afield offers a wide range of sizes and configurations for their gun safes, like the 30-Gun Safe, which can cater to various gun collections and preferences. This versatility shows their commitment to providing solutions tailored to the unique needs of gun collectors and enthusiasts.

Comparing them to some top brands, such as the ProVault Electronic-Lock 18-Gun Safe by Liberty or the Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Gun Safe, we can say that Sports Afield offers a competitive alternative due to their quality, design, and added features. While these other brands offer reliable products, Sports Afield's safes stand their ground and deserve consideration by anyone in the market for a gun safe.