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REMINGTON SAFES Gun Club Series: Comprehensive Review of Security Features, Capacities, and Build Quality

Ensuring the safety of your firearms is paramount. Choosing the right gun safe can make all the difference. Remington Gun Club Series safes offer a reliable solution to secure your firearms.

Constructed with durable materials and designed with a focus on security, these safes present a solid option for gun owners. The series encompasses a range of models, each designed to meet specific storage needs and preferences.



The design and construction of Remington Gun Club safes are tailored to provide not just security but also convenient access to your firearms. From the use of quality steel in the doors and bodies to the variety of built-in organizational systems, these safes are engineered to protect your investment against fire and theft.

Moreover, the variety of capacities and dimensions means there is a safe that is just the right size for your collection. Additionally, aesthetic and finish options ensure that your safe is not just secure but also complements the interior of your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Remington Gun Club safes prioritize both security and access for gun owners.
  • Available in various sizes and designs to meet different needs and preferences.
  • Engineered with features for fire protection, theft prevention, and interior organization.

Design And Construction


When considering the Remington Safes Gun Club Series, your focus on the design and construction aspects is essential. Durability, security, and aesthetics come together to offer a safe that meets your gun storage needs.

Material Specifications

The material used for the Gun Club Series safes is nothing short of sturdy. 14 gauge steel forms the backbone of these safes, providing a resilient barrier against external forces. This particular gauge offers a balanced thickness, strong enough to deter unauthorized access while keeping the safe practical for home use.

Dimensions and Weight:

Model Height Width Depth Weight
20 Gun Safe 55" 26" 20" 245 lbs
52 Gun Safe 59" 40" 22" 560 lbs

Steel Gauge Comparison:

Safe Steel Gauge Door Thickness
Remington Gun Club 14 gauge 1.5 inches
Competitive Model A 12 gauge 1.75 inches
Competitive Model B 16 gauge 1.25 inches

Durable Construction

The Gun Club Series safes have solid steel locking bolts that add to their durability. These bolts, at 1.25" each, engage from all four sides of the door, ensuring that the door remains firmly shut under duress. With this type of construction, you can trust that your firearms are securely locked away.

Finish Options

Aesthetic appeal is also a consideration for your safe. The Gun Club Series features a dark gray metallic hammertone finish, providing both a sleek look and added durability. The hammertone finish is not only about appearance; its textured surface is more resistant to scratches and wear, maintaining the safe's pristine look over time.

Finish and Color Options:

  • Dark Gray Metallic Hammertone
  • Other color options may vary by retailer and availability.

Note that the quality of the finish is as much a part of the construction as the steel it covers, protecting your safe from the environmental factors while complementing the look of your space.

Security Features

The Remington Gun Club Series safes offer a robust set of security features designed to protect your firearms from theft, fire, and water damage. These include advanced locking mechanisms, solid theft protection, and exceptional fire and flood resistance.


Locking Mechanisms

Your Remington safe is equipped with a SecuRam UL Rated Electronic Lock. This lock provides a high level of security and easy access. These electronic locks are known for their reliability and are designed to be resistant to various types of tampering, including EMP attacks.

  • Electronic Lock Specs:
    • EMP Attack Resistance: Yes
    • User Code Memory: Retains your code even after battery depletion

Theft Protection

Constructed with solid steel and a substantial number of 1.25-inch steel bolts, your safe’s theft protection is at the forefront of its design. Additional security features such as a drill-resistant hard plate and an internal relocker prevent drilling attacks, securing the bolts in place even under duress.

  • Theft Protection Details:
    • Steel Gauge: Heavy-duty steel for strong resistance
    • Bolts: 9 - 1.25" steel bolts

Fire and Flood Resistance

The Triple Seal Protection offers peace of mind against natural disasters. With a substantial fire rating, the Remington Gun Club Series can withstand up to 1500°F. In case of a natural flood, you can rely on the safe to prevent water damage to your firearms and valuables.

  • Fire and Flood Specs:
    • Fireproof Rating: Up to 1500°F for 40 minutes
    • Waterproof Rating: Triple Seal Protection against floods

Certifications And Standards


When selecting a safe, understanding the certifications and standards that ensure its quality and reliability is crucial. The Remington Gun Club Series is built not only to safeguard your firearms but also to comply with rigorous standards.

CA DOJ Approval

The Remington Gun Club series safes have achieved CA DOJ Approved status. This designation signifies that they meet the high-security standards set by the California Department of Justice. This approval is your assurance that these safes have been rigorously tested to effectively secure firearms and prevent unauthorized access.

UL Ratings

In addition to state certifications, the Remington Gun Club 20 Gun Safe features solid steel locking bolts and has been subjected to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) testing. The particular UL rating associated with a safe indicates the degree of protection you can expect from fire and burglary attempts.

Warranty Information

All Remington Gun Club Series safes come with a lifetime warranty. This warranty is an indication of the manufacturer's confidence in their product's durability and craftsmanship. Should your safe experience a breach or fire damage, the lifetime warranty provides you with added protection and support.

Comparison Table

Feature Remington Gun Club 20 Gun Safe Remington Gun Club 52 Plus 6-Gun Safe
Steel Gauge 14 gauge 14 gauge
Capacity 20 guns 52 guns + 6 additional storage
Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD) 59"x30"x24" 72"x42"x27"
Weight 600 lbs 900 lbs

The table above offers specifics on two popular models from the Gun Club series to help you compare their features based on capacity, steel gauge, and weight among others, ensuring that you find a safe that meets your storage needs and space requirements.

Capacity And Dimensions


When selecting a gun safe like the Remington Gun Club Series, understanding its capacity and dimensions is crucial for determining how it will fit into your space and meet your storage needs.

Safe Capacity

Remington Gun Club Series gun safes are designed to accommodate a varied number of firearms, catering to both modest and extensive collections. For instance, the 36-GUN SAFE SAR5936GC can securely store 36 long guns, plus an additional 4 in the door organizer. Similarly, a smaller option like the 20-gun model provides ample space for 20 long guns and includes space for 2 more via the door organizer.

  • 36-Gun Model: Stores 36+4 firearms
  • 20-Gun Model: Stores 20+2 firearms

These internal volumes accommodate a substantial number of firearms while ensuring their protection and accessibility.

Weight And Size Comparisons

The external dimensions and weight of your gun safe are important for planning its location in your home.

Model External Dimensions (HxWxD) Internal Volume Weight
36-Gun Model 59" x 36" x 24" 20.09 cu. ft. 614 lbs
20-Gun Model Smaller than 36-Gun Model Less than 20 cu. ft. Lighter than 36-Gun Model

Measurements are approximate and can vary by model.

For comparison, the 36-GUN SAFE carries more weight due to its larger capacity, making it a more robust choice. Meanwhile, the 20-gun option is more suitable for your needs if space is a constraint and a lighter safe is required. The choice depends on your preferred balance between spatial footprint and storage capacity.

Interior Features And Organizers


When choosing a safe from the Remington Gun Club Series, you'll find the interior is designed with both customization and maintenance in mind, ensuring your firearms are secure and well-preserved.

Customization Options

The Remington Gun Club safes come with a fully carpeted interior, providing a soft layer of protection for your firearms. These safes also offer long gun barrel rest positions to keep your rifles and shotguns securely stored. For your handguns, there are handgun holsters integrated within the quilted door organizer, allowing for convenient and efficient storage.

  • Barrel Rests: Carpeted to prevent scratches on your firearms.
  • Quilted Pocket Door Organizer: Ideal for storing small items and additional handguns.

The organizational system is customizable to your preference. Some models offer up to 26 long gun barrel rests plus additional holsters for handguns.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your safe’s interior is crucial for keeping your firearms in top condition.

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe the carpeted barrel rests and interior to remove dust and moisture.
  • Moisture Control: Use desiccants to absorb any excess humidity inside the safe.

For the quilted door organizer, it’s recommended to check the stitching and material regularly to ensure it remains intact and functional.

Aesthetic And Finish Options


The Remington Safes Gun Club Series provides you with a range of aesthetic choices to match your personal style and room decor. From the finish to the handle design, customization is at your fingertips.

Hammertone Finishes

The Gun Club Series safes come in a distinct black gloss hammertone finish that offers both durability and style. The hammertone finish isn’t just about looks; it provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and corrosion. This resilience is a result of the unique application process of the coating, which imparts a textured finish reminiscent of hammered metal.

  • Dark Gray Metallic Hammertone Finish: This option features a muted, sophisticated shade that readily complements most color schemes in your home.

Handle Designs

Your safe’s handle is more than a functional component; it’s an opportunity to personalize your safe. The Gun Club Series includes a traditional 3-spoke handle that is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.

  • Electrophoresis Black Gloss Drop Handle: This sleek handle design enhances the overall look of your safe with its reflective black gloss, providing a modern touch to the sturdy construction of the Gun Club Series.
  • 3-Spoke Handle: For those who prefer a classic look, the robust 3-spoke handle combines functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design, echoing the sturdy nature of the safes themselves.

Safety And Protection

When considering a gun safe, your primary concerns are likely to center on how well it can protect its contents from fire and water damage. The Remington Gun Club series excels in these areas through robust fireproof ratings and comprehensive waterproofing measures, ensuring your valuables are safeguarded against the unforeseen.

Fireproof Ratings

The Remington Gun Club series boasts a significant level of protection against fire. It has been constructed with materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, offering a fireproof rating of 40 minutes at 1500°F. This capability is a result of both the design and materials used to reinforce the safe’s structure, including its 14 gauge steel door and body.

  • Fire Rating Details:
    • Temperature: 1500°F
    • Duration: 40 minutes
    • Steel Gauge: 14

Waterproofing Measures

Your safe also needs to protect against water, and in this regard, the Remington Gun Club series does not disappoint. With triple seal protection, this safe not only guards against fire but also offers rigorous water protection—a critical feature in case of floods or firefighting efforts.

  • Water Protection Features:
    • Triple Seal Protection: Yes
    • Protection Type: Waterproof and water-resistant seals

Brand And Model Comparisons

Remington Gun Safe

The Remington Gun Club Series offers a lineup of gun safes designed to cater to a range of storage needs. From a compact 12-gun model to an expansive 52-gun safe, each unit is uniquely constructed to combine security with functionality. Below, each model’s specific attributes are dissected, providing a comparative lens through dimensions, capacity, and steel gauge—crucial factors for your informed decision.



The 12-Gun Safe model is compact, accommodating a modest collection with ease. It measures 40 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth, with a steel gauge thickness that stands at 14.



Offering more storage, the 20-Gun Safe model increases the height to 55 inches and maintains a width of 24 inches and a depth of 20 inches. Like its smaller counterpart, it also features 14-gauge steel construction for durable protection.



Designed for a larger collection, the 26-Gun Safe delivers on capacity without drastically altering its footprint. It stands 55 inches tall, stretches 28 inches wide, and 20 inches deep, also maintaining the 14-gauge steel standard.



Scaling up, the 36-Gun Safe accommodates an extensive armory. It measures 60 inches in height, 40 inches in width, and 22 inches in depth, crafted from the sturdy 14-gauge steel for resilience.



The 52-Gun Safe represents the series’ peak in storage, with dimensions of 72 inches in height, 40 inches in width, and 27 inches in depth. This model ensures ample space while continuing to offer robust 14-gauge steel protection.

Comparison of Features

Feature SAR5912GC SAR5920GC SAR5926GC SAR5936GC SAR5952GC
Height (in) 40 55 55 60 72
Width (in) 24 24 28 40 40
Depth (in) 20 20 20 22 27
Steel Gauge 14 14 14 14 14
Capacity (Number of Guns) 12 20 26 36 52

Price to Value Assessment

When assessing the value of gun safes, consider not just the capacity but also the construction quality and security features. The Remington Gun Club Series provides a range of options suited to diverse budgets and needs, ensuring that you invest in a safe that meets your security standards without unnecessary expense. The pricing scales with size and features, allowing you to prioritize what matters most in your gun storage solution – be it space, security, or both.

Installation And Setup


Proper installation and setup of your Remington Gun Club Series safe are crucial for optimal operation and security. By ensuring careful mounting and electronic lock programming, you guarantee both safe storage and easy access.

Mounting Instructions

Requirements and Tools:

  • Location: Choose a flat, stable surface away from high humidity conditions.
  • Tools: Drill, concrete anchors, level, and wrenches.


  1. Positioning: Your safe should be positioned against a wall, minimizing the door's exposure to potential pry attacks.
  2. Drilling: Use the pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the safe as a guide to drill into the floor.
  3. Securing: Fasten the safe down with the provided concrete anchors, ensuring it's tightly bolted and level.


  • Weight and Dimensions: Compare safe options based on the provided weight dimensions for correct installation requirements.
  • Capacity: Choose a mounting location that supports your safe's capacity without compromising structural integrity.

Electronic Lock Programming

SecuRam UL Rated Electronic Lock: The electronic lock on your Remington Gun Club Series safe is a SecuRam UL-rated lock known for reliability.

Initial Setup:

  • Turn the keypad to wake the electronic lock.
  • Enter the factory-set code, which will prompt a double signal indicating it's ready for a new code.

Programming Your Code:

  1. New Code: Enter a 6-digit personal code of your choice; ensure it's memorable but secure.
  2. Confirmation: After entering, wait for the lock to beep and flash, confirming the new code.
  3. Testing: Test your new code several times before closing the door. If any issue arises, contact Customer Support.

Maintenance And Care


Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring your Remington Gun Club Safe operates effectively, protecting your firearms and valuables. The care of your safe includes checking and maintaining the SecuRam lock, which is a high-quality UL rated locking mechanism that provides additional security to your safe.

Lock Maintenance

  • Ensure the lock's battery is fresh; replace it annually or as indicated by the lock's LED indicator.
  • Gently clean the lock's keypad and fingerprint scanner, if applicable, with a dry cloth.
  • Avoid using any liquids or harsh cleaning agents on the electronic components.
Lock Type Maintenance Check Frequency Common Issues Preventative Tips
Electronic Every 6 months Battery depletion Replace batteries before expiry.
Dust accumulation Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust.

Safe Exterior Care

  • Dust your safe periodically with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • Inspect the safe for any signs of wear or rust.

Interior Care

  • Keep the interior dry to prevent rust.
  • Use desiccants if moisture buildup is observed.

Door Hinges and Bolts

  • Lubricate door hinges annually with a silicon-based lubricant.
  • Check bolts for free movement and alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find direct answers to some of the most common inquiries about Remington Gun Club series safes. These specifics will help you discern the value and functionality of the safes to aid in your decision-making process.

How much does a typical Remington Gun Club series safe cost?

The Remington Gun Club series safes are priced based on size and features. You can find a Remington Gun Club 20 Gun Safe typically priced around $1,314.

What is the average weight of the Remington Gun Club series safes?

These safes vary in weight depending on the model. For example, the 20-gun capacity model is substantial yet manageable for home installation.

What are the reviews saying about the Remington Gun Club series safes?

The reviews indicate satisfaction with the security features, fire rating, and waterproof capabilities, highlighting the value for the price paid.

Can Remington Gun Club series safes be purchased at wholesale retailers like Costco?

Availability at wholesale retailers can vary, and it's best to check with your local store or preferred retailer for current stock status.

What features does the Remington Classic 25 gun safe offer?

The Remington Classic 25 model includes high-capacity storage, fire protection, and a quality locking mechanism, tailored to safeguard your firearms effectively.

How does the Remington D-17 gun safe compare to other models in the series?

The D-17 model typically has a robust construction with fire and waterproof features. It also has comparable security and is designed for those needing a smaller safe. It stands toe-to-toe with other models in durability and protection.