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External Dimensions 60"H x 33"W x 27"D
Weight 960 lbs
Ext. Cubic Feet 30.9 cu ft
Gun Capacity 36 Long Guns
Fire Rating 130 Minutes
at 1400° F
Burglary Rating UL RSC Rating
(CA DOJ Compliant)




  • UL RSC Listed Residential Security Container Burglary Rating
    • California DOJ Compliant Firearm Safety Device
    • 130 Minute Certified Fire Protection at 1400° F
      • Full Coverage Fire Lining in Door Frame
      • UL Rated S&G Mechanical Dial Lock with Day-Lock
        • Electronic Lock Upgrade Available
        • 5.9" Thick Formed Composite Door
          • Full Coverage 1/4" Solid Steel Plate Front
          • Extremely Pry-Resistant Door
          • 10 Gauge Steel Construction
          • 14 Total 1.25" Diameter Steel Locking Bolts
          • Ball Bearing Drill Plate & Spring-Loaded Relocker
            • Provides Extra Protection for the Lock
            • External Corner Reinforcements
            • Patented Anti-Tamper Clutched Handle
            • Anti-Pry Doorbolt Guides
            • Bolt Down Holes & Hardware Included
              • Secure Safe Down to the Floor
              • Stores Up to 36 Long Guns
              • Proudly Made in the USA
              • Deluxe Door Panel Organizer
                • With Handgun Holders & Storage Pockets
                • NEW Rhino Vector™ Interior
                  • Rapidly Optimizes Space with Ultra-Flexibility
                  • Shelves Vertically Adjust on Back Wall to Maximize Storage
                  • Antique Ironworks Finish
                  • Vault-Styled Metal Wheel Turn Handle
                  • Rustic-Styled Leatherette Interior
                  • Pre-Installed Electrical Outlet Kit (with USB Slots)
                    • Outer Port & Cable to Plug Safe Into Wall Included
                    • Pre-Installed LED Light Kit
                    • Rifle Rod Kit Included
                      • Helps Maximize Firearm Storage
                      • Swing-Out Gun Rack Compatible (Add-On / Not Included)
                      • External Hinges Allow 180º Door Opening For Better Access
                      • Limited Lifetime Warranty
                        • Free Repair or Replacement After Burglary or Fire
                      Rhino Ironworks AIW Gun Safe AIW6033X

                      Rhino Ironworks AIW Gun Safe AIW6033X

                      The Rhino Metals Ironworks AIW6033X Gun Safe is the ultimate protection for your valuable firearms. With its unique 'Rhino' raw metal, antique finish, each safe is hand antiqued to give it a distinctive look that is sure to impress. But it's not just about looks, this gun safe is built tough with thick 10-gauge steel and reinforced corners to provide maximum security against burglars. The door is also constructed with a 5.9" thick formed composite door with a full coverage 1/4" solid plate steel front and 14 steel locking bolts that secure the door in all four directions. With a UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Rating, this safe exceeds the requirements for a California DOJ Firearm Safety Device.

                      But that's not all, the Rhino AIW Ironworks Series also provides 130 minutes of certified fire protection, tested at 1400º Fahrenheit. The complete tri-step door design and dual heat activated Palusol fire seal ensure that your firearms are safe from heat and smoke in case of a fire.

                      The Rhino AIW6033X Ironworks Gun Safe also features Rhino's NEW Vector™ Interior, which uses the back wall of the interior to adjust your interior shelving and gun rack, allowing you to maximize storage space inside your safe. The entire interior is fully upholstered with Rhino's rustic-styled leatherette lining and can store up to 36 long guns using the adjustable gun rack and included rifle rod set. Plus, the door panel organizer with pistol pockets, knife pouches, and storage pockets provides easy organization for your small valuables.

                      Additional features include a pre-installed electrical outlet kit with multiple plug-ins and USB slots, an external power port and cable, and a pre-installed LED light kit. And with a limited lifetime warranty, Rhino stands behind the security and build of the AIW6033X Ironworks gun safe. Proudly made in the USA, this gun safe is the perfect choice for gun owners who value both security and style.

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