Hollon Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1750E Office Safe HS-1750E
Hollon Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1750E Office Safe HS-1750E


Hollon 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe HS-1750E

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Safe Features:

  • 2-hour fireproof
  • 30 foot Impact rated
  • 3-way locking chrome bolt
  • Re-locker or secondary locking system now standard.
  • Interior adjustable shelves in all models
  • Interior key locking drawers
  • Door détente device automatically locks safe
  • Recessed curvature provides virtually airtight construction preventing smoke damage and water damage (water resistant).
  • Your choice of  S&G Group 2 Dial or Type 1 S&G Electronic Lock. (Made in USA)
  • Does not come with bolt down hole.
  • ***Your choice of wheels or no wheels***

Safe Dimensions:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 63-1/2”(H) x 45-2/7”(W) x 25”(D)
  • Interior Dimensions: 56-8/9”(H) x 38-4/7”(W) x 18-1/9”(D)
  • Interior Capacity: 23 Cubic Feet
  • Weight: 1,650 lbs.

2 Hour Fireproof Home & Office Safe

120 Minute Fireproof Home & Office Safe by Hollon HS-1750E

Introducing the new and improved 2018 HS1750E safe from Hollon Office Safes! Our safes are the ultimate choice for protecting your documents and valuables from fire and burglary.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship, our Office Safes provide the best protection against the threat of fire and burglary. With a full 2 hours of fire protection at 1700 Degrees external temperatures while maintaining an internal temperature of 350 Degrees, these elite safes are practically unstoppable.

We've equipped our safes with "Made in USA" Sargent and Greenleaf choices of Group 1 electronic lock or Group 2 dial lock. And for added security, each safe comes with a standard secondary locking system, also known as a "relocker," in case of burglary attack.

To ensure that your safe stays in place, each safe comes with one bolt down hole and hardware for concrete installation. And when you compare our line to the competition's one-hour safes around the same price, why settle for less? Instead, invest in a Hollon 2 Hour Office Safe and enjoy the ultimate protection for your valuables.

Order your Hollon Office Safe today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your documents and valuables are protected by the best.