Do It Yourself (DIY) AD100 (55D x 52W x 31H)
Do It Yourself (DIY) AD100 (55D x 52W x 31H)
Do It Yourself (DIY) AD100 (55D x 52W x 31H)


Do It Yourself (DIY) AD100 (55D x 52W x 31H)

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Elevate Your Outdoor Space and Culinary Skills

Transform your backyard into an oasis for hosting with this statement oven, offering unparalleled customization.

Whether mosaic tiles or stucco finish, showcase your unique style and warmth. Impress guests with this showstopping centerpiece.

Building is a breeze - assemble in just 5 hours for a lifetime of enjoyment. Crafted for longevity, fuel cooking joy for years to come.

Don't settle for ordinary - up your outdoor living and culinary game. Unleash creativity with pizzas, flatbreads and more.

Ignite your passion and upgrade your lifestyle. Discover how this versatile oven takes skills and entertaining to new heights. The perfect project for any home chef!

Product features:

  • 55"d x 52"w x 31"h
  • Thermal guard insulation
  • Authentic wood-fired oven
  • True fire brick cooling deck
  • Includes all components except finish
  • Casted of refractory cement
  • Manual burner
  • Cement
  • Wood fuel
  • Takes 5 hours to build