Broilmaster Broilmaster - Cast Iron Base for Patio Post - PB2 Patio Posts PB2


Broilmaster - Cast Iron Base for Patio Post - PB2

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Broilmaster - Cast Iron Base for Patio Post - PB2


Securely Mount Your Broilmaster Grill with the PB2 Cast Iron Base

Designed specifically for Broilmaster grills, this durable cast iron base provides a stable foundation for the patio post mounting system.

Its heavyweight construction of cast iron delivers strength and resilience suitable for outdoor use. The base is engineered to perfectly fit the patio post of your Broilmaster grill, ensuring a customized connection.

To install, simply place the PB2 base on a flat, sturdy surface then insert the patio post into its opening. The cast iron's weight securely anchors the grill where you need it.

Rather than struggling with an unstable setup, rely on the custom-fit PB2 base for dependable mounting session after session. Its quality materials and design keep your Broilmaster grill firmly in place.

For questions on compatibility with your specific model, consult Broilmaster. Their experts can verify this base is the right choice to confidently display your prized grill. Rock-solid grilling starts here!


  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Base for Patio Posts
  • For use with BL26P and SS26P