Broilmaster Broilmaster - Ash Tool for C3 - DPA306 Tools DPA306


Broilmaster - Ash Tool for C3 - DPA306

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Broilmaster - Ash Tool for C3 - DPA306


Keep Your Grill in Tip-Top Shape with the Ash Tool

Whether you're a grilling novice or seasoned pro, the ash tool is an essential accessory for charcoal grill owners. This handy tool makes light work of cleaning and fuel management tasks so you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Distribute charcoal and wood chips evenly for optimal smoke and heat control. The ash tool's long reach lets you safely add and position fuel from the outside of the grill. No more struggling or risking burns.

When it's time to tidy up, the ash tool excels at ash removal. Deeply scoop out accumulated ashes with ease, keeping airflow moving and your grill performing at its best.

Some ash tools feature additional perks like scraper edges for stubborn deposits or hooks for larger debris. But the basics - easy fuel addition and mess-free ash removal - are what truly elevate every grilling session.

Forget fussing over maintenance between cookouts. With the ash tool in your arsenal, your charcoal grill stays in shipshape form from start to finish. More time grilling means more time enjoying! Keep grill and appetite fully satisfied.


  • C3 Charcoal ash tool
  • The 24 Inch long tool features stainless steel construction with a coil handle


  • Weight: 1 lbs