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Kingsbottle Wine Refrigerator: Ultimate Guide to 32-Bottle Thermoelectric Coolers, Reviews, Pricing, and Warranty

When it comes to wine refrigerators, KingsBottle is a brand that stands out in the market for its high-quality products and variety of options. We have been particularly impressed by their range of wine coolers, with the KingsBottle 32 being a popular choice due to its sleek design and impressive capacity. Their thermoelectric wine coolers offer efficient cooling, while their overall range includes various sizes and styles to suit any home or commercial setting.

We have taken the time to review the KingsBottle wine coolers and provide our insights for those in search of the perfect wine storage solution. In our KingsBottle wine cooler review, we will discuss the features of their fridges, their performance, and the convenience they offer. Additionally, we will explore their price list, warranty, and shipping policies, so you can have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when considering a KingsBottle refrigerator for your needs.

In our experience, KingsBottle refrigerators are well worth considering for both casual and serious wine enthusiasts. Their wine fridges offer exceptional temperature control and can accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes. With their competitive pricing, reliable warranty, and convenient shipping options, you can confidently invest in a KingsBottle wine storage solution that will preserve your collection for years to come.

Kingsbottle Wine Refrigerator

When it comes to wine refrigerators, we believe that Kingsbottle offers some of the best in terms of quality and features. In this section, we will discuss the various aspects of Kingsbottle wine refrigerators that make them an excellent choice for those looking to store their wine collection at optimal conditions.

Quality and Features

Kingsbottle wine refrigerators are known for their elegant design and remarkable durability. They are crafted using the highest quality materials, such as stainless steel and gas-charged tempered safety glass. This ensures that the units not only look appealing but also provide a safe and sturdy environment for your wine collection.

One of the key features of Kingsbottle wine coolers is their dual-zone temperature control. This allows you to store different types of wines at their ideal temperatures, ensuring that the taste and quality of your wines are maintained over time. The dual-zone cooling system ensures that each zone maintains its respective temperature with minimal fluctuations, which is essential for preserving the taste of your wines.

Kingsbottle wine refrigerators also offer quiet operation. The cooling compressors used in these units are both long-lasting and designed to run silently, preventing excessive noise or vibrations that may disturb your wine collection. This is especially important for those who appreciate a serene environment or have sensitive wine collections that require minimal disruptions.

Here are some key features that make Kingsbottle wine refrigerators stand out:

  • Dual-zone temperature control for optimal storage conditions
  • Elegant design with stainless steel and tempered safety glass
  • Quiet and vibration-free cooling compressors
  • Wide range of sizes and capacities to suit any collection

With these qualities and features, we believe that Kingsbottle wine refrigerators are an excellent option for anyone looking to store their wine collection at the optimal temperature while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their home or establishment.

Kingsbottle 32 Models

At Kingsbottle, we strive to provide excellent wine refrigeration solutions for our customers. Our Kingsbottle 32 models are a popular choice with features catering to both wine enthusiasts and beverage collectors. These built-in and under-counter refrigerators come with single and dual zone options, offering various ways to suit your wine and beverage storage needs.

Single Zone

In our single zone Kingsbottle 32 model, we have designed a unit that keeps a consistent temperature throughout the entire wine cooler. This option is ideal for storing either wine or other beverages since temperatures can be set according to individual preferences.

Our single zone model is perfect for under-counter installation, and its 32-inch width provides ample space for your wine bottles and beverages. As an upright refrigerator, our Kingsbottle 32 single zone model has these features:

  • Even temperature distribution within the unit
  • Accommodates various bottle sizes and shapes
  • Eco-friendly, thermoelectric cooling system

Dual Zone

For those looking to store both wine and beverages, our dual zone Kingsbottle 32 model is the perfect choice. This unit offers separate temperature controls for wine and other beverages, allowing each section to maintain ideal storage conditions.

This model, like the single zone option, is designed to be installed under the counter or as a standalone, upright refrigerator. The dual zone Kingsbottle 32 offers:

  • Two temperature-controlled zones for wine and beverages
  • Versatile storage options for bottles of various sizes
  • Eco-friendly, thermoelectric cooling system

In addition to our highly-functional models, Kingsbottle is committed to providing our customers with competitive prices and top-notch shipping and warranty services. We want our customers to be confident in their investment and enjoy their Kingsbottle experience from start to finish.

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

When it comes to wine coolers, there are mainly two types: compressor-based and thermoelectric. KingsBottle offers both of these high-quality options, with the thermoelectric wine coolers being a popular choice for many customers. In this section, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of thermoelectric wine coolers, focusing on KingsBottle's offerings.


Thermoelectric wine coolers have several advantages over their compressor-based counterparts. Firstly, they are energy-efficient and environment-friendly, as they use a thermoelectric cooling system that does not require the use of harmful refrigerants. This means that their operation has a lower carbon footprint and is more sustainable in the long run.

Another advantage is their quiet operation. Since thermoelectric coolers do not require a noisy compressor or mechanical components to function, they run almost silently. This can be particularly beneficial if you are placing the cooler in an area where noise could be an issue, such as a living room or home office.

Furthermore, thermoelectric wine coolers tend to have less vibration compared to compressor-based coolers. This is important for wine storage, as excessive vibrations can negatively impact the maturation process of wine, altering its taste and quality.


Despite the advantages, there are some drawbacks associated with thermoelectric wine coolers. One limitation is that they may not be as effective at cooling wine in extremely high or low ambient temperatures. This can be problematic if you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations or plan to place the cooler in a location exposed to such conditions.

Another disadvantage is that thermoelectric wine coolers usually have a smaller capacity than compressor-based coolers. While KingsBottle does offer a wide range of sizes for their thermoelectric coolers, you might find that they do not cater to larger wine collections as effectively as their compressor-based counterparts.

Lastly, thermoelectric coolers may be somewhat less energy-efficient in the long run, particularly if they need to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature due to challenging ambient conditions.

In summary, KingsBottle's thermoelectric wine coolers offer a number high-quality features and benefits, such as quiet operation, minimal vibrations, and environmentally friendly technology. However, they may not be the best choice for people with larger wine collections or those living in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations. Ultimately, the best wine cooler for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Kingsbottle Wine Cooler Review

In this section, we will focus on the Kingsbottle wine refrigerator, including its performance, quality, warranty, and shipping details.

When it comes to wine refrigerators, a major concern for consumers is the quality of the cooling and storage system. The Kingsbottle Wine Coolers are known for their elegant design, long-lasting durability, and personal service. Their wine coolers offer a wide range of options, from small under-counter units to stand-alone options for hundreds of bottles and cans.

One of the popular models in their lineup is the Kingsbottle 170-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler. This model comes with a stainless steel finish, giving it a sleek and modern appearance that complements any space. The dual-zone cooling system ensures that different types of wines can be stored at their optimal temperatures.

There have been, however, some customers mentioning issues with the product after 18 months of usage. These customers reported difficulty in repairing their cooler due to the cost and the belief that it "wouldn't hold for long."

Regarding warranty and shipping, Kingsbottle offers a one-year warranty on their products. While some customers may view this as a downside, considering the price point of their wine coolers, it is a standard industry practice. It's crucial to weigh the overall quality and features of the Kingsbottle wine refrigerator against the warranty duration to determine if it meets your needs.