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AMSEC PSSW-38 SafeWizard Pharmacy Safe

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  • Two outer doors are secured by the SafeWizard Access Control System.
  • Made of high strength steel with six heavy duty hinges and a two-way locking system.
  • The outer door has a SafeWizard display window allowing the doors to be open during business and the drawers accessed by the controller inside the safe.
  • Drawers are available as an option for an extra cost.
  • Comes with 5 adjustable shelves.
  • Each safe is provided with 4 anchor holes and hardware to secure it to the floor.

SafeWizard Features:

  • A powerful processor based on the ColdFire 32-bit microprocessor.
  • Flash memory for quick and cost-effective upgrades.
  • Up to 10,000 audit entries and 40 users.
  • Ultra-high contrast 8 line by 21 character graphics display.
  • Rechargeable Battery Backup.
  • Built-in System Diagnostics.
  • Parallel Printer Interface.
  • English, Spanish and German language options.
  • Controls the Outer Security Door and Inner Back-stock Drawers.
  • Programmable 1 to 99 minute Time Delay on the outer doors or the inner Back-stock drawers.
  • Set up predetermined user authority level (UAL) facilitating administration at any desired level.
  • Programmable Time Lock on the outer doors or the inner Back-stock drawers.
  • Authentication options: PIN code access control depending on level of authorization.
  • Wrong Try Count Penalty Lockout.
  • Duress/Hold-up Alarm with Silent Signal.
  • Burglary Alarm output triggering from selectable events.
  • Holiday Schedule with up to 16 programmable events per year.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment, selectable and configurable.
  • Log and Record all user entries to the Pharmacy safe with the Audit utility that allows PC based audit storage management, data filter and sorting capabilities and excellent exception reporting to focus on key security issues.

AMSEC PSSW-38 SafeWizard Pharmacy Safe

AMSEC PSSW-38 SafeWizard Pharmacy Safe

 The AMSEC PSSW-38 large pharmacy safe is an excellent choice for securely storing controlled medications in healthcare settings.

Featuring the advanced SafeWizard electronic lock, it provides robust access management and accountability through user-specific audit trails. Up to 40 individual codes can be programmed with different permission levels to suit various staff roles.

The lock offers strong security protections to deter theft, like an automatic lockout after incorrect attempts. A duress alarm with silent signaling can be linked to a monitored system for additional peace of mind.

Constructed of solid, tamper-resistant steel, the PSSW-38's vault-like design deters forced entry. Along with organizational shelves inside, this makes it ideal for controlling high-value narcotics and other pharmaceutical inventory.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious issue, so tight regulation of access to these substances is paramount. By maintaining rigorous control and accountability of medications with its advanced audit functionality, the PSSW-38 supports efforts to curb diversion.

For healthcare providers dedicated to patient safety and regulatory compliance, the PSSW-38 represents a comprehensive pharmaceutical security solution. Please contact an AMSEC representative at 800-984-5719 to discuss configuration and purchase options tailored to your needs.