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Where to Buy Gun Safes Cheap: Top Affordable Options Explored

Where to Buy Gun Safes Cheap: Top Affordable Options Explored

Purchasing a gun safe at an affordable price can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market. A quality gun safe effectively protects firearms and valuable belongings from both theft and environmental damage. Therefore, it is important to consider a safe's features and your budget when making a choice.

There are many places where one can find reasonably priced gun safes, including both online and brick-and-mortar stores. This article will explore some of the best options available to help you make an informed decision. By taking the time to research and compare various suppliers, you can ensure that you get the best gun safe for your needs without breaking the bank.

Types of Gun Safes

Gun safes are designed to keep firearms secure and away from unauthorized users. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, each catering to different needs and preferences. This section will discuss some common types of gun safes available in the market.

Traditional Safes: These safes are typically made of heavy-duty steel and feature a combination lock or an electronic keypad for access. They come in various sizes, allowing users to store multiple firearms and other valuables. Traditional safes are known for their durability and reliability, making them a popular choice among gun owners.

Biometric Safes: Biometric safes provide an added layer of security by using fingerprint recognition technology. When the user's fingerprint is enrolled in the safe's system, only they can unlock it. This quick and convenient access makes biometric safes an ideal option for those looking to secure their firearms and valuables from unauthorized access.

Diversion Safes: Also known as hidden safes, diversion safes are designed to blend in with their surroundings and appear as ordinary household items. Items such as wall clocks, bookshelves, and even picture frames can conceal a small safe on the inside. Diversion safes offer a discreet way to store firearms and valuables.

Vehicle Gun Safes: Those who frequently travel with their firearms may consider investing in a vehicle gun safe. These safes are designed specifically for use in cars and trucks, with features such as cable locks for secure attachment to the vehicle. Vehicle gun safes provide added protection to firearms during transit or in the event of a vehicle break-in.

Quick-Access Safes: For those who require immediate access to their firearms in case of an emergency, quick-access safes offer a convenient solution. These safes often feature electronic keypads or biometric readers, allowing users to retrieve their firearms without the need for a key or combination. Quick-access safes can be mounted in various locations, such as under beds or desks, to provide easy access in high-stress situations.

Ultimately, the choice of gun safe depends on the user's specific needs, preferences, and budget. Factors such as storage capacity, security features, and accessibility should be considered when deciding on the type of gun safe best suited for an individual's requirements.

Key and Fingerprint Safes

Key and fingerprint safes are popular choices for securing firearms at an affordable price. These safes come in a variety of sizes and styles, offering gun owners a balance between secure storage and ease of access.

Key safes require a physical key to unlock, making them a reliable and traditional option. They typically feature robust locking mechanisms and solid construction. Most key safes can be found at local hardware stores or online retailers like Amazon and Home Depot. Prices vary based on size and materials, but affordable options can be found in the $50 to $300 range.

Fingerprint safes utilize biometric technology to unlock the safe using the owner's unique fingerprint. This modern solution provides quick access to the firearms without the need for keys or combinations. Some fingerprint safes also include a backup key entry method, ensuring that access is not lost if the fingerprint scanner fails. Popular online retailers for fingerprint safes include Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. Prices for these safes typically range from $100 to $500, depending on size and features.

When shopping for a gun safe, it is essential to consider factors such as build quality, locking mechanisms, and storage capacity. Comparing various models and reading customer reviews can help in making an informed decision. Keeping firearms secured in key or fingerprint safes not only provides protection against theft and unauthorized access but also ensures responsible gun ownership practices.

Electronic and Combination Lock Safes

When looking to purchase a gun safe for a reasonable price, electronic and combination lock safes are popular options to consider. These types of safes provide a balance between security and convenience, ensuring that firearms remain protected while allowing authorized access when necessary.

Electronic lock safes use a digital keypad for entry. Users can program a unique code to unlock the safe. In most cases, electronic locks come with a battery-powered system, ensuring that the safe remains operational even during power outages. Some electronic lock safes also include additional features, such as backlit keypads for improved visibility in low-light situations.

Combination lock safes require users to dial a specific sequence of numbers in order to gain access. These safes don't rely on batteries or electricity, making them a more reliable option in certain situations. However, they may be slower to access than electronic lock safes, as users must carefully dial in the correct combination.

Both electronic and combination lock safes offer various levels of security. Buyers can find safes with different types of construction materials, ranging from thinner steel to reinforced steel. Other features, such as fire protection and water resistance, can also be found in some models.

To find gun safes at affordable prices, consider looking in the following places:

  • Online retailers: Numerous online stores offer a wide selection of electronic and combination lock safes, often at competitive prices. Check for websites that specialize in gun safety equipment or even general retailers with a dedicated section for gun safes.
  • Local shops: Some gun stores and sporting goods stores may have a selection of safes available for purchase. These locations can be an excellent opportunity to inspect a safe in person before making a decision.
  • Warehouse clubs: Membership-based warehouse clubs often provide discounted gun safes due to their bulk purchasing power.
  • Sales and discounts: Keep an eye out for seasonal sales or special promotions, as these events can lead to substantial savings on electronic and combination lock safes.

By researching various options and considering the advantages and drawbacks of both electronic and combination lock safes, buyers can confidently select a gun safe that meets their security needs while staying within budget.

Best Seller Gun Safes

Winchester Bandit 9 Gun Safe B5618F

When it comes to purchasing a gun safe at an affordable price, there are several best-selling options to consider. These safes not only offer top-notch security but also come from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and durability.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe: This safe is a popular option due to its heavy-duty construction, biometric fingerprint access, and tamper-proof locking mechanism. With a 10-gauge steel body and a 3/16" plate door, the Fort Knox PB1 ensures that your firearms are securely stored.

Stack-On 14-Gun Steel Security Cabinet: For those looking to store multiple rifles or shotguns, the Stack-On 14-Gun Security Cabinet provides ample space and protection. This safe features a 3-point locking system and a double-bitted, key coded lock for added security.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe: This safe offers quick and reliable access to your firearms through its advanced biometric fingerprint technology. With the ability to store up to 120 fingerprints, the Barska rifle safe ensures that only authorized users can gain access to the contents.

SentrySafe QAP2E Pistol Safe: Designed for quick and quiet access, the SentrySafe QAP2E features a digital lock with a zero-feedback electronic keypad, making it an ideal choice for handgun owners. Additionally, the safe is constructed with solid steel to provide reliable protection.

Here are some widely trusted online retailers where you can find these best-selling gun safes at competitive prices:

  • Amazon: Known for its vast selection, fast shipping, and customer reviews, Amazon is a great place to start when searching for an affordable gun safe.
  • Cabela's: This retailer specializes in outdoor and hunting equipment, making their selection of gun safes catered specifically to the needs of firearm enthusiasts.
  • GunSafes.com: As the name suggests, this website focuses solely on offering a wide range of gun safes to suit any budget or preference.
  • home selection: With regular sales and discounts, can be an excellent source for finding affordable gun safes both online and in-store.

By considering these best-selling gun safes and shopping at these reputable retailers, you can be confident in your decision to purchase a high-quality and affordable safe to secure your firearms.

Gun Safes on Sale

When looking for affordable gun safes, it is essential to keep an eye out for sales. Various retailers and online stores offer discounted prices on different gun safe models during seasonal or promotional events.

One of the websites offering gun safes on sale is A Home Selection. They have a variety of models, sizes, and features available at discounted prices, making it easy to find a gun safe that fits your needs and budget. Make sure to check their collection frequently for updated deals and promotions.

When searching for gun safes on sale, consider the following tips to ensure you find the best deal:

  • Compare prices among different retailers and online stores to get a sense of the typical price range for the gun safe you want. This will help you identify the most favorable deals when they become available.
  • Sign up for newsletters or follow social media accounts of retailers selling gun safes. You may receive updates on upcoming sales, promotions, or exclusive discounts offered to subscribers.
  • Look for clearance sales, open-box, or returned items for additional price reductions. These items may have minor flaws or defects but can be an excellent opportunity to save money. Ensure that the safe still meets your security requirements and comes with a manufacturer's warranty or return policy.

By staying vigilant and comparing prices across different sources, you can effectively find a high-quality gun safe at an affordable price.

Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes

Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes are designed to provide secure storage for up to five firearms, using cutting-edge technology to protect your valuable possessions. These safes offer an ideal solution for gun owners who are looking for an affordable, reliable, and efficient way to safeguard their weapons.

The biometric locking system is one of the key features of Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes. With the use of fingerprint recognition, users can quickly and easily access their firearms within just a few seconds. This technology not only provides an added layer of security, but also the convenience of not having to remember a combination or fumble with keys.

Constructed with resilient materials, Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes offer a high level of protection against damage from fire and forced entry attempts. Many models have a fire rating of up to 30 minutes at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that your firearms and other valuable items are safeguarded in case of an emergency.

To further enhance their efficiency, these gun safes offer customizable storage solutions. Features such as adjustable shelves and door organizers allow users to create their preferred arrangement, making it simple to store other valuable items alongside firearms.

When shopping for a Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safe, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Choose a safe that will accommodate the number and size of firearms you own, as well as provide space for any additional valuables you want to store.

  • Placement: Consider the location where you plan to install the safe. Make sure there is enough room for the safe itself, as well as space to open the door and access the contents.

  • Budget: Determine your budget before starting the shopping process. Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes are available in a range of prices, so having a clear budget in mind will help you find the right safe within your financial constraints.

Many retailers and online platforms offer Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes at competitive prices. To find the best deal, compare the prices at different stores and keep an eye out for discounts or promotions. Additionally, consider purchasing from an authorized dealer to ensure the authenticity of the product and receive warranty support when needed.

In conclusion, Blacksmith Biometric 5 Gun Safes provide a secure, convenient, and customizable storage solution for firearms owners. By considering factors like size, placement, and budget, you can find the ideal safe tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Large Fingerprint Gun Cabinets

Large fingerprint gun cabinets are an excellent choice for firearm owners looking to secure their weapons in a reliable and efficient manner. These types of gun safes provide robust security and easy access through the use of biometric fingerprint authentication. Several reputable manufacturers offer a range of options to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

Fort Knox, a leading manufacturer in the security industry, produces the PB1 Fingerprint Handgun Safe, which is a large and highly secure option. Made from solid steel with a tamper-proof locking mechanism, this cabinet can accommodate multiple handguns and features a biometric fingerprint scanner capable of storing up to 15 fingerprints. Another option is the Barska AX11650 Large Biometric Rifle Safe, which can hold up to four rifles and includes a 120-fingerprint biometric module.

Amazon is a popular destination for finding affordable large fingerprint gun cabinets. The online retailer offers competitive pricing on various models from well-known brands, such as Stack-On, Barska, and SentrySafe. Additionally, Amazon provides detailed product descriptions and customer reviews that can aid in choosing the right cabinet to meet one's needs.

Shipping and delivery of large fingerprint gun cabinets can be a concern due to their size and weight. Many retailers, like Home Depot and Walmart, allow customers to purchase online and pick up the cabinet in-store. This option not only eliminates shipping fees but also allows individuals to inspect the cabinet prior to taking it home.

Some important factors to consider when purchasing a large fingerprint gun cabinet include the capacity to hold firearms, the number of fingerprints it can store, and the durability of materials used in its construction. Considering these aspects, as well as comparing prices and customer reviews, can help in selecting the most suitable cabinet for one's needs.

In summary, large fingerprint gun cabinets are an excellent investment for firearm owners seeking a secure yet accessible storage solution. Online retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart offer a wide selection at various price points to suit every budget.

Storage for Various Firearms

When seeking an affordable gun safe, it's essential to consider the various firearms you may need to store. A well-designed safe should offer storage options for multiple types of guns, such as 5 long rifles, 3 pistols, and handgun shotguns. This will ensure that all your firearms are organized, secure, and easily accessible when needed.

For those with a collection of long rifles, search for gun safes with built-in rifle racks or slots that hold up to five long guns. Additionally, these safes should have ample space to accommodate scopes, bipods, and other accessories mounted on the rifles.

Pistol storage within a gun safe can be achieved using pistol hangers or pockets. These allow for easy access and efficient utilization of space. Make sure the safe you choose has provisions for at least three pistols, ensuring they are secure and well-organized.

Handgun shotguns, although not as common, require appropriate storage options as well. Look for safes with adjustable shelves that provide the flexibility to store these unique firearms safely. The shelves should be sturdy and able to support the weight of the handgun shotguns.

When searching for a budget-friendly gun safe, pay attention to the quality of materials and locking mechanisms. While affordability is important, remember that the main goal is to protect your firearms in a secure and organized manner. Ensure that the safe offers a robust locking system to prevent unauthorized access and potential theft.

Quick Access Gun Storage

Quick access gun storage is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a gun safe. These storage options prioritize safety and accessibility, ensuring that firearms can be retrieved quickly in emergency situations while remaining secure from unauthorized access.

One popular type of quick access gun storage is the biometric gun safe. This type of safe uses fingerprint recognition technology to unlock the safe, granting fast access to authorized users. Since fingerprints are unique to each individual, this method provides an added layer of security.

Another option is the electronic keypad lock. This type of lock requires the user to enter a predetermined number code in order to gain access to their firearms. The advantage of electronic keypad locks is that they can be programmed with custom codes, allowing the owner to easily update access codes as needed.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, a mechanical combination lock can also provide quick access while maintaining security. These locks require the user to memorize a combination, which can be quickly input to retrieve the firearm.

When looking to purchase a gun safe with quick access features, consider factors such as:

  • The size and capacity of the safe: Ensure it can hold the firearms you own, with room for potential future additions.
  • The location of the safe: Choose a location that is both secure and easily accessible within your home.
  • The type of lock mechanism: Determine which security method best suits your needs – biometric, electronic keypad, or mechanical combination.
  • The construction and durability of the safe: Robust materials and solid construction are necessary to ensure protection against theft and accidents.

By taking these factors into consideration when purchasing a gun safe, you will be able to find one that provides the necessary balance between security and quick access for your firearms.

Additional Secure Features

When looking for a gun safe that is both affordable and reliable, it is essential to consider additional secure features. These features serve to enhance the overall security and can protect your firearms from unauthorized access.

One important feature to consider is a separate lock box within the gun safe. This additional compartment provides an extra layer of security, allowing you to store essential items such as key documents, spare magazines, or even a backup firearm. This lock box can either be integrated into the safe or removable, depending on your preference and needs.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the weight of the safe. A gun safe weighing at least 70 lbs is considered a heavy-duty option. This weight helps prevent the safe from being easily moved or tipped over, adding an extra level of deterrence against potential thieves. Heavier safes also tend to have thicker, more robust materials, making it harder for unauthorized individuals to break into them.

Some additional features to enhance the security of your gun safe may include:

  • Biometric locks: These locks use unique traits such as fingerprints or eye scans to grant access, making them difficult to override or bypass.
  • Alarm systems: A built-in alarm system can alert you or a security company if someone attempts to tamper with or force entry into the safe.
  • Anchoring systems: Safes can be anchored to the floor or walls, making them even more challenging to move, adding another layer of protection.
  • Fire resistance: Some gun safes are fire-resistant, providing protection to your firearms in case of a fire.

By considering these additional secure features in your search for an affordable gun safe, you can be confident that your firearms and valuables are well protected.

Buying Guide

When looking for a gun safe at an affordable price, it's crucial to consider essential factors that ensure the best value for your money. Make an informed decision by examining these features:

  1. Security: The primary purpose of a gun safe is to secure your firearms. Check for reliable locking mechanisms, like biometric scanners, electronic keypads, or mechanical locks. Ensure that the safe is robust and difficult to tamper with, featuring solid steel construction.

  2. Size: Depending on your firearm collection, choose a safe that can accommodate all your guns while providing some extra space for future additions. Measure the allocated space in your home before buying to verify the safe will fit correctly.

  3. Fire Protection: A significant aspect to consider is the fire rating of the safe. Look for safes with a fire resistance rating of at least 30 minutes to safeguard your firearms in case of fire.

  4. Ratings and Reviews: Check for gun safes with higher ratings and positive reviews from customers. For instance, you may find a safe with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 282 reviews, which leans towards a reliable choice.

  5. Price: While budget is a significant consideration, avoid compromising quality for cheap prices. Find a balance between affordability and quality, with options ranging from $285.00 or less to more expensive models. Remember, higher-priced safes often offer better security and additional features.

Comparing Features

To facilitate the decision-making process, create a comparison table of safes based on their features, prices, and ratings. This will help you determine which safe offers the best value and meets your requirements. For instance, a table could look like the following:

Feature Safe A Safe B Safe C
Lock Type Keypad Biometric Mechanical Lock
Size Medium Large Small
Fire Rating 30 min 45 min 1 hour
Rating 4.5 4.7 4.3
Reviews 250 282 300
Current Price $285.00 $310.00 $265.00

After comparing safes, choose the one that best matches your specific needs and preferences, keeping in mind your budget limits. Remember, a high-quality gun safe is a long-term investment for the security of your firearms.

Shipping and Delivery

When looking to buy a gun safe at an affordable price, it's essential to consider the shipping and delivery options. Many online retailers offer free shipping on their products, making the overall cost more affordable. Some of these retailers include Amazon, Walmart, and various specialty websites dedicated to gun safes. Comparing different shipping policies, delivery times, and costs can help the buyer make an informed decision.

Customers should expect the delivery of their gun safe to take 3 days or more. The delivery time will depend on the retailer, the shipping method chosen, and the customer's location. Keep in mind that gun safes are heavy items, so shipping can be a significant factor when trying to save money. To ensure a smooth and efficient delivery, buyers should provide accurate shipping information and be prepared to receive and move the gun safe into their desired location upon arrival.

When searching for the best deal on a gun safe, buyers should be aware of any promotions or limited-time offers. Some retailers may provide discounts on shipping fees or offer expedited shipping for a lower cost. Checking for such deals can make a considerable difference in the overall price, so it's wise to stay updated on current promotions. Additionally, it's important to read reviews and gather information about the retailer's reliability and customer service, as these factors can affect shipping, delivery, and the overall shopping experience.

In conclusion, considering factors such as shipping fees, delivery times, promotions, and customer service will help buyers find the best deals and ensure a positive shopping experience.

Fireproofing and Safety Standards

When searching for an affordable gun safe, it's essential to consider fireproofing and safety standards. Fireproof gun safes are specifically designed to protect your firearms and valuables from fire damage. Understanding the fire rating of a gun safe will help you make an informed decision.

Fire ratings are generally measured in time and temperature. For example, a safe with a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F means it can withstand that temperature for half an hour before the interior of the safe is impacted. Ideally, you should look for a gun safe that has a minimum fire rating of 30 minutes, but safes with higher fire ratings offer even better protection.

When it comes to safety standards, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the leading authority in the United States. They provide testing and certification services for various products, including gun safes. UL-rated gun safes undergo rigorous testing for fire resistance, burglar resistance, and locking mechanisms. While UL-rated safes can be more expensive, they guarantee a higher level of safety and security.

Here are some key aspects to consider when evaluating fireproofing and safety standards:

  • Fire rating: Aim for a minimum fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F to ensure adequate protection for your firearms.
  • UL rating: Look for a UL-rated gun safe to ensure it has been tested and meets strict safety standards.
  • Materials: A gun safe's fireproofing ability is often determined by the materials it is made from. Fireboard, gypsum, and ceramic are common fire-resistant materials used in gun safe construction.
  • Seal: A high-quality seal on the door will prevent heat and smoke from entering the safe during a fire.

In conclusion, when shopping for an affordable gun safe, don't compromise on fireproofing and safety standards. Make sure to pay attention to the fire rating and UL rating, and consider the materials and seal of the safe. By doing so, you can confidently protect your firearms and valuables from potential fire damage.

Delivery Options and Considerations

When searching for the best place to buy a gun safe cheap, it's essential to consider the various delivery options available. Different retailers offer different methods, prices, and timeframes, ensuring your gun safe arrives promptly and securely.

Standard Shipping: Typically, retailers offer standard shipping, which usually takes 5-7 business days. This option is often the most economical choice for those willing to wait a few extra days for their gun safe to arrive.

Expedited Shipping: For those who need their gun safe as soon as possible, expedited shipping is available from many retailers. This option may cost more than standard shipping, but it guarantees a faster delivery time, usually within 2-4 business days.

Curbside Delivery: Some retailers may offer curbside delivery with a larger gun safe purchase. This option means a delivery truck will bring the safe to your location and leave it outside your residence or business. While this option is convenient, be prepared to move and install the gun safe yourself or with the help of friends.

White Glove Delivery: A premium option provided by some retailers is white glove delivery. In this service, a team of professionals will not only deliver your gun safe to your location but install it as well. This option is ideal for those who prefer a hassle-free experience; however, it often comes at a higher cost.

Before making a purchase, it's essential to consider factors such as delivery fees, which can significantly impact the overall price. Some retailers may offer free shipping on specific purchases, while others may charge a flat-rate fee or base the shipping cost on the size and weight of the gun safe.

Lastly, inquire about the retailers' return and exchange policies in case your gun safe arrives damaged or is not what you expected. Having a clear understanding of these terms can save you time and frustration if you need to initiate a return.

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