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Cheap Gun Safes Sale: Secure Your Firearms Today

Cheap Gun Safes Sale: Secure Your Firearms Today

Do you want one of the best American gun safes money can buy for your home or business?

You’ll notice one thing pretty quickly about high-end gun safes: they’re frequently made by American manufacturers. 

In America, making suitable gun safes requires professional craftsmanship, and this quality shows in their safes. If you’re looking for a tough gun safe for your home or business then you're in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll show you the Top 10 Best Gun Safes

You’ll discover:

  • The basics of what to look for in a gun safe
  • How to decide which gun safe is right for you
  • Our collection of the best gun safes
  • Recommendations on the best applications for each safes


If you're searching for a budget-friendly and practical solution for firearm storage, there's no need to break the bank on an expensive gun safe. Cheap gun safes offer the necessary protection for your firearms while not compromising on the basic features. Making a wise decision in this regard could save you money without sacrificing the safety and security of your valuable possessions.

Affordable gun safes come in various sizes and designs, catering to different storage needs. Whether you have a single handgun or an entire collection of rifles, finding the right safe at an affordable price is certainly achievable. With a little research and comparison, you can discover top brands that offer reliable and inexpensive options that cater to your specific needs.

Shopping for cheap gun safes is made easier with a variety of online and in-store options. One place to consider looking is A Home Selection which offers a wide range of safes at different price points.

Here is our list of 5 cheap gun safes on Sale

1) Braska Safes

Barska 15" Laptop Hotel Safe HS13400

2) Browning

3) American Security

AMSEC PS1208EZ Easy-Carry Handgun Safe

4) Sports Afield

 Sports Afield SA-HD3-BIO Large Home Defense Quick Access Vault - Biometric

5) Hollon Safes

Hollon Pistol Safe PBE-2

Key Takeaways

  • Affordable gun safes provide necessary security without breaking the bank
  • A variety of sizes and designs cater to different firearm storage needs
  • Shopping for cheap gun safes is made easier with online and in-store options available

Why Cheap Gun Safes

Purchasing a gun safe is an essential decision for any firearm owner. Gun safes are not only crucial for ensuring safety but also for protecting valuable items in the event of a fire or burglary. However, not everyone can afford high-end gun safes. Fortunately, cheap gun safes are available for those who need quality protection on a budget.

Cheap gun safes are designed to provide basic security for your firearms while still fitting within your budget constraints. These safes are typically made of durable materials such as steel and feature locking mechanisms that are difficult to bypass. In many cases, they come with key locks or electronic locks, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your guns.

When choosing a budget gun safe, it is essential to consider factors such as size, fire protection, and water resistance. For instance, you may require a compact, single firearm safe if you only have one gun or a more extensive safe if you possess multiple firearms.

Another aspect to consider is fire and water protection. Most cheap gun safes will not offer the same level of fire or water resistance as high-end safes. However, some affordable safes still provide a basic level of protection, which can be sufficient for many gun owners.

By opting for a budget-friendly gun safe, you can save money without compromising the safety of your firearms. In turn, these savings can be allocated to other essential items like firearm maintenance or additional security measures for your home.

To find the best deals on cheap gun safes, make sure to compare prices from multiple retailers, including online stores like A Home Selection, which offers a variety of affordable safes to choose from. By conducting thorough research and evaluating your specific needs, you can invest in a cheap gun safe that provides adequate protection and security for your firearms.

Features of Affordable Gun Safes

When searching for affordable gun safes, it is crucial to understand the features provided so that the best value for money can be achieved without compromising on security. Here are some of the common features to look for when searching for an affordable gun safe:

Size: The size of the gun safe is a crucial factor to consider when buying an affordable gun safe. It should be large enough to accommodate the intended firearms, ammunition, and any other items intended to be placed within them. Many budget-friendly gun safes, such as those created by Stack-On, provide multiple options based on the number of guns to be stored.

Lock Type: Affordable gun safes can be found with various types of locking mechanisms, including key locks, combination locks, and electronic keypads. Key locks are a common feature in affordable options, while electronic keypads offer more convenience and advanced security features. For basic needs, a combination lock could be a reasonable choice.

Fireproof: While not a standard feature in all affordable gun safes, fire protection can be essential for preventing firearm and valuables losses. It is essential to evaluate a safe's Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire rating, which could range from 20 minutes up to 120 minutes, ensuring solid protection against fire damage.

Security Cabinet: A security cabinet is a viable alternative for those who want the protection of a gun safe without the hefty price tag. These cabinets are typically built with sturdy materials and offer fewer advanced features, but they still provide fundamental protection for your firearms. A good example is the Stack-On Security Cabinets, which are budget-friendly while ensuring adequate security.

Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism of a gun safe is crucial for ensuring the security of the items stored inside. Affordable safes commonly feature locking bolts that lock the door to the safe body, preventing any forced entry attempts. Pay close attention to the number of locking bolts and the thickness of the door to ensure optimal protection.

In summary, affordable gun safes come with a myriad of features to suit varying needs. By considering the size, lock type, fireproof rating, security cabinet, and locking mechanism, one can select a gun safe that fulfills their requirements while staying within budget. A great place to start your search is ahomeselection.com, offering a variety of gun safes that cater to different budgets and requirements.

Best Cheap Gun Safes Brands

When it comes to affordable gun safes, there are a few reputable brands that offer reliable, secure, and well-designed options. Barska is one such brand that is known for providing cost-effective safes with various features, such as biometric locks and fire-resistant construction. They offer a range of sizes, from compact handgun safes to larger rifle safes that can accommodate up to 14 guns.

Another well-regarded brand is Browning. They are recognized for their durability and innovative designs, such as the 40-gun safe with adjustable shelving and door storage for added convenience. Both Barska and Browning gun safes prioritize the safety of your firearms by including features like tamper-proof locking mechanisms and solid steel construction for added protection against theft.

Storing your ammunition separately from your firearms can be a useful safety measure. Many gun owners opt for dedicated ammunition safes, which are specifically designed to securely store various types of ammo. These safes often feature moisture-resistant seals and reinforced doors to protect your ammunition from damage or unauthorized access.

A quality rifle safe should provide a secure, accessible, and organized storage space for multiple long guns and related accessories. When considering a cheap gun safe for rifles, pay attention to features that make it easy to access your firearms, such as soft-padded interiors, adjustable shelving systems, and door-mounted organizers. Biometric locks or electronic locking systems are also essential for ensuring quick, secure access to your firearms in case of an emergency.

To find the best deals on gun safes from reputable brands like Barska and Browning, consider visiting websites like A Home Selection that offer a wide range of options suited for various budgets and gun storage needs. Remember that investing in a quality gun safe is not only a smart decision but also a crucial step towards ensuring the safety of your family and the protection of your firearms.

Specialized Cheap Gun Safes

When it comes to securing firearms and keeping them safe from unauthorized access, specialized cheap gun safes are an excellent option. These safes are designed to accommodate different types of firearms, from handguns to rifles, and provide varying levels of security depending on the user's needs.

A popular type of gun safe is the biometric safe, which uses the owner's fingerprints as the unlocking mechanism. This type of safe provides quick access to firearms and ensures that only authorized users can access the contents. Biometric safes offer an added layer of security and ease of use compared to traditional safes with mechanical or electronic locks. A reputable store like A Home Selection offers a range of biometric safes, making it easy to find the perfect one for your needs.

Another essential aspect of secure gun storage is gun cabinets, which not only keep firearms away from children and other unauthorized users, but also provide ample storage space for other gun-related items like ammunition and accessories. Gun cabinets come in various sizes and materials, allowing you to choose one that fits your requirements and budget.

Moreover, there are gun safes that offer quick access to your firearms. These safes are designed with convenience in mind, featuring a quick-release mechanism that allows for immediate access to your firearms in case of an emergency or urgent situation.

No matter what type of specialized cheap gun safe you're looking for, ensure it meets all your requirements related to gun storage, security, and ease of access. By investing in a high-quality gun safe, you are taking a crucial step towards protecting your firearms and ensuring the safety of those around you.

Accessories for Cheap Gun Safes

When looking for affordable gun safes, it's essential to consider the accessories that can enhance the security and usability of your safe. The right accessories can not only improve the storage of your firearms but also prolong the lifespan of your safe. Here are some valuable accessories to consider when looking for cheap gun safes.

Dehumidifiers: One of the main concerns when storing firearms in a safe is humidity. Excess moisture can lead to corrosion and damage to your guns. Dehumidifiers are a helpful accessory that can help maintain an optimal humidity level inside the safe. They come in various types, like electric, rechargeable, or silica gel-based dehumidifiers. Each type offers distinct advantages, so choose the one that best suits your safe's size and location.

Lighting: Adequate lighting is essential for quick access and proper organization of your firearms. LED safe lighting kits can be easily installed in most gun safes and are both energy-efficient and long-lasting. These lights can be activated by motion sensors, ensuring you have instant illumination when you open your safe.

Door organizers: To maximize your safe's storage capacity, door organizers are a practical accessory. They provide additional pockets and pouches for handguns, magazines, and other essential items. Door organizers help you maintain organization and make it easier to quickly access your firearms and accessories.

Gun racks and hangers: Another way to keep your firearms organized and accessible is by using gun racks and hangers. They allow you to store long guns vertically or horizontally and offer a convenient way to display handguns. Some hangers are even adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for various gun sizes and types.

Anchoring kit: Securing your gun safe to the floor or wall is crucial to prevent theft or tampering. An anchoring kit is an essential accessory for added security. The kit typically includes strong bolts and anchors, so you can firmly attach your safe to a solid surface.

As you look for a cheap gun safe, remember that investing in the right accessories can make a significant difference in the security and functionality of your safe. By adding dehumidifiers, lighting, door organizers, gun racks, and an anchoring kit, your safe will better protect and organize your firearms.

Where to Buy Cheap Gun Safes

Purchasing a cheap gun safe doesn't mean you have to sacrifice security or quality. A variety of stores offer affordable options for those looking to protect their firearms while staying within a budget. Ahomeselection is one such store, with an extensive range of gun safes for sale. They provide numerous brands like Amsec, Barska, and Sports Afield. Buyers have the option of sorting the available safes by various factors, such as capacity and lock type.

For those seeking an even more budget-friendly option, Cheaper Than Dirt is an online retailer focused on affordable gun safes and accessories. They offer a wide variety of handgun cases, long gun safes, and traditional rifle cases to suit any gun owner's needs.

Well-known home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot also have an assortment of gun safes for sale. At Lowes.com, customers can explore various options, including the American Furniture Classics Gun Security Collection, which features a 5-Gun keyed gun safe. Similarly, Home Depot offers popular models such as the Stack-On 18-Gun Key Lock Security Cabinet.

Of course, there's always Amazon, a one-stop-shop for many products, including gun safes and cabinets. Check out their dedicated gun safes and cabinets page, where you can find well-priced selections like the BILLCONCH Gun Safe for Pistols, equipped with biometric fingerprint technology.

Lastly, if you're looking for more specialized options, A Home Selection offers a curated collection of gun safes and related items. Their goal is to provide customers with a secure and convenient shopping experience to find the perfect safe for their needs.

When buying a cheap gun safe, always consider factors such as size, security features, and ease of access. By exploring the mentioned stores and websites, you'll be able to find a secure and affordable option that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best budget-friendly gun safes available?

There are several budget-friendly gun safes available in the market that provide good security without breaking the bank. An example is the Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe, which offers reliable entry systems, multiple entry mechanisms, and a mountable design. Another good option is the Rhino RB6028ECS, which can hold up to 24 long guns and 10 handguns, and has a 40-minute fire rating.

How can I find a high-quality used gun safe?

To find a high-quality used gun safe, consider checking websites that specialize in selling second-hand products, such as eBay or Craigslist. Additionally, some local gun shops or online firearm forums may also have dedicated sections for used gun safes. Always ask for pictures, descriptions, and inquire about the condition before making a purchase decision.

Which features should I look for in an affordable gun safe?

When shopping for an affordable gun safe, prioritize features such as a strong locking mechanism, durable construction, adequate storage capacity, fire and water resistance, and mounting options. Although biometric locks may be more costly, electronic or combination locks can offer reliable security at a lower price.

Are there any reliable brands for low-cost gun safes?

Yes, there are several reliable brands that offer low-cost gun safes without compromising on quality. Some examples include Barska, Rhino, AMSEC, and Sports Afield. Researching customer reviews, ratings, and comparing their features can help you make an informed decision.

What are common price ranges for inexpensive gun safes?

Inexpensive gun safes can range from as low as $100 for basic models to around $500 for more advanced options. The price may vary depending on the size, capacity, security features, and fire or water resistance. Remember to compare prices and check for sales or discounts before buying.

Where can I purchase a cost-effective gun safe online?

There are several online retailers that offer cost-effective gun safes, such as Lowe's and GunSafes.com. You can also check out A Home Selection for more options. Always ensure that the website is reputable and secure before making a purchase.

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