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Best Handgun Safes of 2019: Top Picks and Buyer's Guide

Best Handgun Safes of 2019: Top Picks and Buyer's Guide

The search for the best handgun safes in 2019 may be overwhelming due to the sheer number of available options. Investing in a reliable handgun safe is crucial in ensuring the security of your firearms, safeguarding them against theft and unauthorized access, while making sure they are quickly available when needed. With the variety of handgun safes in the market, it is essential to consider factors such as ease of access, mounting options, and state laws to make the right choice for your needs.

Handgun safes come in various types, each with its unique features designed to cater to different preferences and storage requirements. Biometric safes, for instance, offer quick access with fingerprint recognition technology, while combination lock safes provide security without the need for batteries or electronics. Safes with RFID technology add another layer of accessible security. One should also consider features that enhance child safety and accessibility to avoid potential accidents.

Ease of installation and mounting may also be a crucial factor in selecting a handgun safe. Depending on the desired location and type of safe, options for wall mounting, under-desk, or bedside installations are available. With varying state laws on firearm storage, it is essential to ensure that the chosen handgun safe complies with local regulations. The reliability and durability of the safe is paramount, as the sole purpose is to provide secure storage for firearms while keeping the owner's peace of mind intact.

Key Takeaways

  • Various types of handgun safes cater to different preferences, with ease of access and security as key factors.
  • Child safety, mounting options, and compliance with state laws are crucial considerations when choosing a handgun safe.
  • The reliability and durability of the safe ensures secure storage for firearms and maintains gun owners' peace of mind.

Criteria for Selecting a Handgun Safe

When choosing a handgun safe, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure the security and protection of your firearms. Among the primary criteria for selecting a handgun safe are size, durability, and value.

Size plays an essential role as it determines the number of firearms and related items that can be stored within the safe. It is crucial to consider the dimensions of the safe to ensure it fits the intended space in your home or office. Assess your firearm collection's size and potential growth to select a safe that accommodates your needs.

Durability is another critical factor. A high-quality handgun safe should be built with solid materials to withstand attempted break-ins and resist damage. A safe constructed with 14-gauge steel provides adequate thickness and protection against theft and unauthorized access. In addition, safes with strong locking mechanisms, such as biometric or electronic locks, contribute significantly to security.

Value is also essential when choosing a handgun safe. It is important to strike a balance between affordability and quality to meet your security needs without breaking the bank. While high-end safes tend to offer maximum protection, there are more affordable options available that still provide reliable security measures. When browsing for handgun safes, consider the features and materials offered within your budget.

Firearms and weapon protection go beyond break-ins, as your handgun safe should also safeguard your collection against accidents and unauthorized use. Home defense is a priority for many firearm owners, requiring quick access in emergencies without compromising overall safety. Look for safes with quick access features, such as keypad and fingerprint scanners, that allow you to open the safe rapidly while preventing unauthorized access.

In conclusion, selecting an appropriate handgun safe involves combining these criteria—size, durability, value, and protection—to make an informed decision. Consult a reputable source for more information on selecting the right handgun safe for your needs. Always remember that investing in a quality safe is a long-term decision, providing security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Types of Handgun Safes

When it comes to selecting the perfect handgun safe, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the various types available on the market. The primary distinction among these safes lies in their locking mechanisms, which include biometric, key, mechanical, and RFID systems.

Biometric Gun Safes utilize advanced technology, such as fingerprint recognition, to ensure maximum security. These safes are designed to grant access only to the registered user, enhancing the safe's protection against unauthorized access. Biometric locks provide quick access in times of need, as you can open the safe within seconds using your unique fingerprint.

Key Lock safes are among the most traditional types of handgun safes, requiring a physical key for access. This type is typically more affordable compared to others, but it requires you to securely store and remember the location of your key. The main drawback of key lock safes is the possibility of losing or misplacing the key, leading to restricted access when it's most needed.

Mechanical Lock safes rely on a combination dial or a keypad to unlock the safe. This type of lock offers a reliable and durable solution, as there are no electronics involved, reducing the risk of malfunction. However, mechanical locks can be slower to access, requiring users to remember and input the correct combination.

RFID safes employ Radio Frequency Identification technology, allowing for contactless access through the use of a tag or card. This type of handgun safe offers quick and convenient access, but it relies on various electronic elements which may increase the risk of failure and require battery maintenance.

When considering which type of handgun safe to purchase, keep in mind your specific needs, preferences, and the level of security you require. You can always explore different options and make a well-informed decision by visiting reputable websites, such as A Home Selection, which provides a diverse range of handgun safes for sale, catering to various lock types and budgets.

Top Handgun Safes and Their Key Features

In 2019, numerous high-quality handgun safes were released, providing gun owners with reliable and secure storage solutions.

This safe uses biometric fingerprint scanning technology alongside a keypad and nano key for various entry options. 

A popular option is the Fort Knox Handgun Safe_PB1, which features a Simplex mechanical lock requiring no batteries or electronic components. This safe is fire-resistant and built with solid steel to provide an extra layer of security. Its tamper-proof locking system gives users the confidence to store their firearms in it.

The SentrySafe Gun Safe_with Biometric Lock is another excellent option for those who prefer fingerprint access. It offers quick, one-second unlocking through a fingerprint scanner while also providing a keypad and key access. This safe has enough room to fit two smaller handguns comfortably.

For added security, the Vaultek MXi is a noteworthy choice. This top-of-the-line safe is equipped with an electronic lock and biometric fingerprint scanning technology. Its hidden hinges, anti-pry bars, and interior mounted hinges make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access your handguns. The Vaultek MXi also features built-in LED lights inside, providing added convenience during low-light situations.

Lastly, gun owners may want to consider investing in a fireproof safe like the BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Security Drawer Safe. This safe offers exceptional protection against fire damage while providing convenient fingerprint access. It also comes with necessary accessories like a dehumidifier to maintain the ideal environment for your handguns.

These top-rated handgun safes of 2019 offer numerous unique features to fit various needs. Their high-quality security elements, such as keypad access, fingerprint scanning capabilities, and durable construction materials, ensure your firearms are always safe and secure.

Child Safety and Accessibility

When it comes to choosing the best handgun safe, child safety and accessibility should be top priorities. Safes should not only keep firearms secure but also allow for quick access in case of emergency while ensuring that they remain inaccessible to children and other unauthorized family members.

One of the major considerations for child safety is the locking mechanism of the safe. Biometric safes, for instance, offer an appealing option due to their high security level and ease of access. Only authorized users can open these safes, typically through fingerprint recognition. The Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun Safe is a popular option with a proven track record of reliability and security.

Another option is keyless entry systems, such as the Vaultek VS20i. These safes offer fast access to firearms through a simple and secure access code. They provide a good balance between convenience and safety, as the access code can be easily shared among trusted family members while keeping children out.

Some safes are specifically designed for families, like the models from Steelwater. These safes offer robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms to ensure that children cannot access the firearms. The added benefit of these family-oriented safes is that they can often accommodate multiple handguns, making them a suitable choice for families with multiple firearms.

An effective way to evaluate the safety and accessibility of a handgun safe is to read customer reviews and test the safe personally before making a purchase. A reliable website to buy from is A Home Selection, as they offer a variety of safes from top brands with customer reviews to ensure you make an informed decision.

To summarize, when selecting a handgun safe to prioritize child safety and accessibility, you should consider safes with biometric, keyless entry, or family-focused features. Always research and compare different models to ensure that the chosen safe provides the right balance of security and accessibility for your specific needs and family situation.

Mounting and Installation

When selecting a handgun safe, it is important to consider the mounting and installation process. Properly installing your safe will ensure maximum security and accessibility. There are several factors involved in mounting a handgun safe, including the type of mount, hinge design, and whether the safe is mountable.

Most handgun safes come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, allowing for easy installation. To mount your safe, you will first need to choose a suitable location. This location should be both secure and easily accessible. Common mounting locations include under the bed, inside a closet, or within a drawer or cabinet.

Once you have chosen a location, the next step is to secure the safe using the provided mounting hardware. Some safes use brackets or floor mounts, while others utilize a simple bolt-down system. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for mounting your safe. This may require the usage of specific tools such as a drill or a wrench.

The hinge design also plays a role in the overall security and accessibility of your safe. Some handgun safes feature internal hinges, which are less visible and more difficult for intruders to tamper with. External hinges, on the other hand, may be more accessible but less secure. Consider the trade-offs between security and accessibility when choosing between internal and external hinge designs.

Mountable safes can be fixed to surfaces or objects, providing added security. In addition to wall or floor mounting, some safes can also be mounted horizontally or vertically. This flexibility allows for a greater range of installation options and further customization to fit your specific needs.

In conclusion, mounting and installing a handgun safe is an essential step in ensuring the security of your firearm. By carefully considering factors such as mount type, hinge design, and whether the safe is mountable, you can make an informed decision on which handgun safe is most suitable for your needs. For a selection of high-quality handgun safes, consider visiting A Home Selection.

Reliability of Handgun Safes

When looking for the best handgun safes, reliability is a key factor to consider. A reliable handgun safe should provide quick and secure access to your firearm while keeping it safe from unauthorized access. There are several aspects to consider when assessing the reliability of a handgun safe.

Firstly, the locking mechanism is crucial for security. Many handgun safes include fingerprint scanners or biometric locks, offering quick and secure access using your unique fingerprints. However, it is important to choose a safe with a high-quality fingerprint scanner, as some may struggle to read fingerprints reliably, especially if your hands are wet or dirty. Batteries also play an important role in powering the biometric system and, as such, having a backup power source is a good idea to avoid being locked out due to low battery.

Secondly, the construction of handgun safes is critical for their durability and security. High-quality safes are made with thick steel doors and walls, providing strong resistance against forced entry. Expensive safes tend to offer better security features and fire protection, ensuring your firearms and ammunition remain safe during emergency situations. When selecting a handgun safe, it's important to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

Foam padding inside the safe is another essential feature, as it keeps your firearm cushioned to prevent scratches, dents, and other damages. Some safes offer additional features like interior lights, allowing you to easily see and access your firearm in the dark.

Vaultek DS2i Smart Station and LifePod 2.0 are examples of reliable handgun safes with innovative features and sturdy construction. Both safes offer multiple access options and advanced security features, along with sleek and discreet designs.

Lastly, choosing a handgun safe from a reputable brand with a lifetime warranty provides an assurance of quality and reliability. Brands like Fort Knox, Vaultek, and SentrySafe are widely recognized for delivering exceptional handgun safes designed to keep your firearms safe and easily accessible.

For a carefully curated selection of reliable handgun safes, consider browsing the options available on A Home Selection, which offers various models to suit your specific needs and preferences. Remember, investing in a high-quality handgun safe increases the security and accessibility of your firearm, ensuring you are always prepared when you need it most.

The Impact of State Laws

State laws play a significant role in handgun safety and usage. In particular, California has introduced various laws that positively impact gun safety, including universal background checks and regulations for storage requirements. These laws aim to protect citizens and reduce gun-related accidents and deaths.

One essential aspect of responsible gun ownership is the safe storage of firearms. Handgun safes provide a secure way for owners to store their weapons and prevent unauthorized access. In 2019, a wide range of high-quality handgun safes were available, catering to different needs and preferences.

Some of the best handgun safes of 2019 featured biometric technology, which ensured quick and secure access. These safes utilized fingerprint recognition, allowing only authorized individuals to access the stored firearms. Additionally, many safes were designed with solid steel construction and tamper-resistant locking systems to provide enhanced security.

Storage requirements vary by state, with some having specific laws in place to protect children from accidental firearm access. For instance, California has stringent laws designed to safeguard children from potential dangers associated with firearms. Investing in a high-quality handgun safe ensures compliance with these regulations and offers peace of mind for gun owners.

For those looking to purchase a handgun safe, A Home Selection offers a curated range of options to suit every buyer's needs. They include safes with different locking mechanisms, construction materials, and features, ensuring the best fit for each individual.

In conclusion, gun laws, like those in California, contribute to firearm safety and proper storage practices. As a gun owner, investing in a reliable and secure handgun safe is essential to adhere to state laws and protect oneself and others from potential accidents.

Considerations for the Gun Owner

When selecting a handgun safe, gun owners should consider various factors to ensure they purchase a safe that meets their needs and requirements. One important aspect is the build quality of the pistol safe. A sturdy and durable safe will provide better protection against theft and unauthorized access. It is recommended to choose a safe made from high-quality materials such as steel and features a strong locking mechanism.

In addition to build quality, the lock type plays a crucial role in the security of the handgun safe. Lock types include key lock, combination lock, biometric lock, and electronic lock. Biometric locks, like found in the biometric gun safe, offer quick access with the use of a fingerprint scan. Electronic locks with a keypad or Wi-Fi connectivity enable access through a passcode or phone application. A high-quality lock system adds a layer of security against intruders and ensures only authorized individuals can access the contents of the safe.

The size and portability of a handgun safe are also essential considerations. For those needing to store multiple firearms or larger items, long gun safes may be a more suitable option. Lightweight and compact safes, such as the Fort Knox FTK-PB and Simplex Handgun Safe, are ideal for securing handguns and can be easily moved or transported. A steel cable can provide added security to tether the safe to a fixed point.

Some valuable features include gas struts which allow the safe to open smoothly and quietly and interior lighting that enables you to access your firearm in a low-light situation. Other popular models, like the Gunvault Speedvault and the Awesafe, also provide discreet storage options that can be easily placed in your home or office.

Ultimately, the choice of a handgun safe depends on the gun owner's specific needs and preferences, taking into account factors like security features, material quality, storage capacity, ease of access and additional key features. Proper research and awareness can help in making an informed decision, ensuring your firearms are safe and secure.


When it comes to choosing the best handgun safe for your needs in 2019, there were a number of top contenders to consider. Some notable options include the Vaultek VT20i Biometric Smart Pistol Safe, SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, and the Fort Knox FTK-PB. These safes stood out due to their advanced biometric technology, sturdy construction, and ease of use.

It's essential to prioritize security while selecting a handgun safe without compromising on quick access. The mentioned safes met those requirements, offering reliable and efficient ways to access your firearm when needed. Biometric technology, such as fingerprint sensors, played a crucial role in balancing security and accessibility.

Aside from security and access, some safes like the Vaultek Smart Station DS2i provided discreetness in design. It is also worth considering safes meant for specific uses, such as the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 for under-the-desk storage or Vaultek LifePod for travel and concealed carry weapon usage.

Ultimately, your choice of a handgun safe should be based on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. When ready to purchase a safe, be sure to check out reliable platforms like A Home Selection to ensure a seamless and secure shopping experience. By investing in a high-quality handgun safe, you can have peace of mind knowing your firearm is protected and easily accessible when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top features to look for in a handgun safe?

When shopping for a handgun safe, consider factors such as the locking mechanism, steel gauge, access methods, and fire rating. Locking mechanisms can range from biometric, keypad, combination, or key. Steel gauge should be thick enough to resist break-ins. Access methods might include a phone app, fingerprint scanner, or RFID technology for quick access. Fire ratings vary depending on the safe, but opting for higher fire protection is always a good choice.

Which quick access safes are the best for bedroom use?

Quick access safes that can fit into a bedside drawer or be discretely mounted on the wall are ideal for bedroom use. The Vaultek VS10i Smart Safe is a popular choice, providing multiple access methods such as biometric, keypad, key, and phone app access, ensuring security and ease of access.

What are the most reliable biometric bedside gun safes?

Biometric bedside safes, like the Vaultek VT Full Size Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe, rely on fingerprint recognition for quick and secure access. Ensure the safe has a high-resolution scanner, stores multiple fingerprints, and has a long battery life or backup power options.

Which nightstand gun safes have the highest security ratings?

Nightstand gun safes with solid steel construction, reinforced locking mechanisms, and pry-resistant features, such as the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe, are likely to have high security ratings. Do thorough research and choose trustworthy manufacturers with a history of producing quality safes.

What are the best Vaultek handgun safe models of 2019?

Some top Vaultek handgun safe models from 2019 include the Vaultek VS10i Smart Safe and the Vaultek VT Full Size Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe. Both provide secure storage and multiple access methods, such as biometric, keypad, key, and phone app control.

How can I ensure a handgun safe is childproof?

To ensure a handgun safe is childproof, prioritize safes with tamper-resistant features, strong locking mechanisms, and access methods that are difficult for children to bypass. Additionally, consider placing the safe in a concealed or hard-to-reach location and never sharing access codes or keys with children. Remember, safe storage of firearms is key in preventing accidents and unauthorized access.

For purchasing a handgun safe, consider browsing from a reliable website like ahomeselection.com for a variety of safes that cater to your needs and preferences.

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