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Best Gun Safes: Ultimate Guide to Top Picks, Dehumidifiers & Affordable Options

Best Gun Safes: Ultimate Guide to Top Picks, Dehumidifiers & Affordable Options

When it comes to protecting our firearms and ensuring their longevity, choosing the right gun safe is essential. In this article, we will discuss various types of gun safes, the best dehumidifiers for gun safes, affordable pricing, and specific needs such as the best gun safes for cars, rifles, handguns, and large gun safes for 2021. We will also provide guidance on selecting the best gun safes under $600.

Finding the perfect gun safe depends on each individual's requirements and budget, but our goal is to provide valuable information for making informed decisions. As gun owners, we understand the importance of keeping firearms secure and well-maintained, and selecting the best gun safe can be a crucial factor in achieving this.

Best Types of Gun Safes

In this section, we will cover some of the best types of gun safes to help you make an informed decision. We will discuss small handgun safes, rifle gun safes, large gun safes, and car gun safes.

Small Handgun Safes

Small handgun safes are ideal for storing pistols, revolvers, and other compact firearms. They provide quick access to your weapon and can be easily stored in discreet locations. Some top options for small handgun safes include the Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard and the RPNB Quick Access. These safes offer convenient features such as biometric fingerprint recognition and electronic keypad access.

Rifle Gun Safes

Rifle gun safes are designed to store long guns and can accommodate multiple firearms. A popular choice for a rifle gun safe is the Cabela's Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe by Liberty. This safe provides ample storage, fire protection, and a reliable electronic lock.

Large Gun Safes

Large gun safes are suited for those who require storage for an extensive collection of firearms. An example of a top large gun safe is the Browning Medallion Series M49, which is highly customizable and features a fire rating for 110 minutes at 1700°F.

Car Gun Safes

Car gun safes are compact and designed to be securely mounted within your vehicle. A top choice for a car gun safe is the Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Gun Safe. This safe offers secure storage with quick access features, ensuring that your firearm is both safe and easily reachable in emergency situations.

Best Dehumidifier for Gun Safes

When it comes to protecting your firearms from damaging moisture and humidity, a dehumidifier plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal condition. We've researched various options and identified some of the top picks for gun safe dehumidifiers.

For overall performance and reliability, the Liberty Safe Dehumidifier stands out as a popular choice. This dehumidifier provides consistent humidity control, making it an excellent investment to protect your firearms.

If you prefer a rechargeable option, the Hornady Rechargeable Dehumidifier is another excellent choice. Its compact design makes it easy to place in your gun safe without taking up much space, and the rechargeable feature ensures continuous use without needing to replace batteries.

On a budget? The Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Dehumidifier provides an efficient and affordable solution. This compact dehumidifier is eco-friendly and does not require power to operate, making it a low-maintenance option.

For portability, you might consider the Hornady Dehumidifier Canister. Its compact size and sturdy construction make it perfect for on-the-go protection, whether it's in a car safe or a travel case for your firearms.

Lastly, for larger gun safes, the PEET SafeKeeping Electronic Dryer is an effective solution. This dehumidifier can handle up to 300 cubic feet and uses thermal convection technology to efficiently remove humidity from your gun safe.

Each of these dehumidifiers provides unique benefits for different gun safe configurations and needs. It's important to choose the one that best fits your specific requirements for optimal firearm protection.

Best Prices for Gun Safes

In this section, we'll explore gun safes with the best prices across different ranges, focusing on budget options, mid-range options, and high-end options to cater to various preferences and requirements.

Budget Options

Gone are the days when securing your firearms meant breaking the bank. There are numerous budget-friendly gun safes on the market today. These budget options may have simpler designs, fewer features, or thinner walls, but they can still provide essential protection. Some notable budget options include the Stack-On GCB-910 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet (Amazon) and the AmazonBasics Security Safe Box (Amazon). Furthermore, you can find some of the best gun safes for under $600 with adequate security features for a limited budget.

Mid-Range Options

Mid-range gun safes offer a good balance between affordability and features, providing reliable protection without stretching your budget too much. Some popular mid-range options include the Browning Medallion Series M49 and the Sports Afield Haven 48-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Electronic/Keypad Gun Safe with Interior Lighting. These safes typically have thicker walls, more storage options, and better fire protection.

High-End Options

For firearm enthusiasts with more extensive collections or increased security concerns, high-end gun safes are worth considering. These safes boast exceptional security features, solid construction, and enhanced fire resistance. A prime example of a high-end gun safe is the American Security BF6032 18-Gun Safe, which has thick doors, a robust body, and an excellent fire rating. Another top contender in high-end options is the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe, which offers premium construction and biometric locking features.

There are several types of gun safes available, catering to different budgets and requirements. From budget options to high-end choices, you can find the perfect safe to secure your firearms and valuables without compromising on quality or functionality. Remember to assess your specific needs, the number of firearms you own, and the level of security you desire before making your decision.

Best Gun Safes for Cars

We understand the importance of keeping your firearms secure while traveling. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best gun safes for cars, which offer reliable protection for both pistols and rifles.

SnapSafe Treklite XL 75241: Regarded as the best basic vehicle gun safe, this model offers a lightweight, yet durable option (Forbes Wheels). It's compact, easy to install, and comes with a reliable key lock system.

Hornady TriPoint Lock Box: This keyed vehicle gun safe ensures that your firearm is safely secured. With its TriPoint locking system and compact design, it fits most car interiors (Forbes Wheels).

Vaultek LifePod: Offering advanced security features like a digital combination lock, this vehicle gun safe is a top choice for modern gun owners. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to transport and store your firearm (Forbes Wheels).

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe: Recommended by Field & Stream, this safe offers RFID technology with quick access to your firearm. It fits under most car seats and comes with a cable system to secure the safe in place.

When selecting a vehicle gun safe, consider factors like size, locking mechanism, and ease of installation. Our list of best car gun safes should help you choose a reliable and secure option for your firearm while on the go.

Best Rifle Gun Safes for the Money

When it comes to finding the best rifle gun safes for the money, several factors must be considered, such as storage capacity, security features, and fire protection. We've researched some options that provide excellent value without sacrificing essential elements.

Cabela's Signature E-Lock 25-Gun Safe is a great choice for those looking for a secure and spacious safe without breaking the bank. This safe features an electronic lock, adjustable shelf design, and can hold up to 25 long guns. Its fire protection rating of 30 minutes at 1200°F adds an extra layer of security for your firearms.

Another excellent option is the ProVault Electronic-Lock 18-Gun Safe by Liberty, which is particularly suitable for apartment dwellers. It has a smaller footprint than some other safes, making it a more manageable option for limited space. With an electronic lock and capacity for 18 long guns, it's a reliable choice for those on a budget.

For those who prefer a biometric lock, the Browning Medallion Series M49 offers a high level of customization and security. This safe can hold up to 49 long guns and boasts a fire rating of 110 minutes at 1700°F. It may be a costlier option, but the investment is justified by the enhanced security features.

These options provide a balance between quality and affordability, ensuring that you can protect your valuable firearms without overspending. It's essential to carefully evaluate your specific needs and budget to find the best rifle gun safe that meets your requirements.

Best Small Gun Safes for Handguns

When it comes to securing our handguns, finding the best small gun safes is crucial. We want to ensure that our firearms are securely stored, yet easily accessible when needed. In this section, we discuss some of the top options for small gun safes for handguns.

The Bonnlo Quick Access Pistol Safe Handgun Safe is an excellent choice for quick access. It features a biometric fingerprint scanner, providing fast and secure access to your firearm. The compact size of this safe makes it an ideal choice for bedside or desk storage.

Another noteworthy option is the Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Gun Safe. This safe is specifically designed for cars and offers a unique mounting system that ensures your firearm remains secure while on the road. The RFID technology allows for quick and convenient access without requiring a key or combination.

For a combination of security and affordability, consider the Cabela's Signature E-Lock 25-Gun Safe. This safe offers electronic lock access, solid steel construction, and a compact design, making it suitable for handguns as well as other valuable items. Its competitive price point makes it an attractive option for those seeking a balance between security and cost.

The SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe is another excellent choice. Designed to hold one or two small handguns, this biometric safe provides dependable security at a reasonable price. The safe is compact enough to fit in most small spaces, making it a versatile option for handgun storage.

Finally, the Vaultek LifePod 2.0 Handgun Case is a highly portable and versatile option. This lightweight, water-resistant case features a customizable interior, lockable security, and a rechargeable battery, making it an ideal choice for transporting your handguns safely.

In summary, there are several top-notch small gun safes available for handgun owners. By considering factors such as accessibility, security, portability, and price, we can make an informed decision on the best option for our specific needs.

Which Gun Safes Are the Best

When it comes to finding the best gun safes for various needs and budgets, we must consider top brands, key features, and security ratings. In this section, we will explore some of the best options available in the market.

Top Brands

There are numerous reputable gun safe brands worth considering. Some of the most reliable and popular manufacturers include:

  • Liberty - Known for their durable and high-quality safes, such as the ProVault Electronic-Lock 18-Gun Safe
  • Browning - Offering highly customizable safes like the Medallion Series M49
  • Cabela's - Providing a range of excellent gun safes like the Magnum E-Lock 40-Gun Safe
  • American Security - Specializing in high-security safes such as the BF6032 18-Gun Safe

Key Features

Before purchasing a gun safe, you should evaluate its features, such as:

  • Locking Mechanism: Look for mechanical, digital, biometric, or a combination of these.
  • Size and Capacity: Determine the number of firearms you need to store and opt for appropriate dimensions and gun capacity.
  • Fire Protection: Some safes have fireproof capabilities to protect firearms and valuables in case of a fire.
  • Portability: For handguns or when you're on the go, consider portable gun safes like the Vaultek LifePod 2.0.

Security Ratings

Consider the security ratings of a gun safe, typically measured by the level of protection they offer against break-ins and forced attacks:

  • Residential Security Container (RSC): Offers protection against common burglary tools for a minimum of five minutes.
  • TL-15 and TL-30 ratings: Provides increased protection against forced attacks for 15 or 30 minutes, respectively.

By considering the top brands, essential features, and security ratings, you can find the ideal gun safe to protect your firearms and valuables.

Best Large Gun Safes 2021

When looking for the best large gun safes in 2021, several factors come into play such as security features, fire protection, and storage capacity. We researched different options available in the market to help you make an informed decision about the most suitable large gun safe for your needs.

One top contender for the best large gun safe in 2021 is the American Security BF6032 18-Gun Safe, which offers robust security with a thick steel door, reinforced body, and strong bolts. This safe is also RSC rated, ensuring that your firearms are well-protected from theft and unauthorized access.

Another noteworthy option is the Browning Medallion Series M49, which is both spacious and highly customizable. The safe measures 60" high x 44" wide x 26" deep, weighing 1105 pounds. It offers fire protection, with a fire rating of 110 minutes at 1700°F. You can choose between a keypad or biometric lock, and it includes innovative features such as adjustable steel storage shelves and a door organizer for added convenience.

For those seeking the best large gun safes under $600, the ProVault Electronic-Lock 18-Gun Safe by Liberty is an excellent choice. Though it comes at a lower price point, it still offers solid protection with its electronic lock mechanism and sturdy build.

Considering various needs, such as gun safes for cars, rifles, or small handguns, we also recommend additional options like the Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Gun Safe for cars, VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe for handguns, and SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe as a top biometric lock gun safe.

Ultimately, the best large gun safes of 2021 come in various sizes, designs, and price points, so it's essential to assess your specific requirements and budget before making a decision.

Best Gun Safes Under $600

When it comes to finding the best gun safes under $600, we have researched and identified some top options that combine security, affordability, and quality. These safes offer a great balance between cost and performance, ensuring that your firearms and valuables are protected without breaking the bank.

The Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe is an excellent option for those looking to store 7-8 rifles with additional compartments for accessories. This safe is made of 14-gauge metal thickness and weighs 82 lbs, making it a secure choice within this price range.

Another great option for handgun storage in this price range is the AmazonBasics Storage Safe. Priced under $300, it is made of heavy-duty 8-gauge carbon steel with a 14-gauge door body. This safety box can hold 2 handguns, gears, and other accessories.

For those seeking a compact option for long guns, we recommend checking out the alternative from A Man and His Gear. With dimensions of 6.75" high by 47.25" wide by 13" deep and a weight of 39 pounds, this safe is perfect for 1-2 long guns and can easily fit in tighter spaces.

In conclusion, by evaluating various factors such as security, capacity, and affordability, we have presented some of the best gun safes under $600 available today. By considering these options, you can make a well-informed decision to protect your valuable firearms and ensure their safekeeping.

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