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Best Gun Safes for the Money: Top Affordable Picks for Security

Basic Considerations for Gun Safes

Size and Capacity

When choosing a gun safe, it's important to consider the size and capacity. Larger safes can hold more firearms and related accessories, but they also require more space and can be more expensive. Smaller safes are more compact and easier to install in various locations around the home but can quickly fill up if you have a growing collection. Think about how many firearms you currently own and whether you plan on expanding your collection in the future before selecting a safe size.

Security Features

A quality gun safe should have high security safe features to prevent unauthorized access. Some popular security features include multiple locking bolts, relockers in case of break-in attempts, and multi-layered steel doors. Pay attention to the steel thickness and locking mechanisms that the safe offers, like mechanical or electronic locks. A robust safe should offer fire and waterproofing protection to withstand various threats.

Fire Protection Levels

Different safes have different levels of fire protection. Higher-end gun safes typically have better fire protection ratings, providing a longer time that the contents inside the safe can withstand high temperatures. This protection is crucial to ensure that your firearms and valuables remain safe in case of a fire. Check the fire protection ratings and how long the safe can maintain a temperature below 350°F in case of extreme heat.

Investment and Budget

Lastly, when you consider purchasing a gun safe, you need to factor in your budget. Remember that while cheaper safes may seem more attractive, it's essential to invest in a high-quality product from a reputable brand to ensure the best security and protection. Gun safes can vary widely in price and quality, so remember to balance your investment and budget with your specific needs and requirements. A well-built safe is a long-term investment that will protect your firearms and valuables for years to come.

Exploring Best Gun Safes for Different Needs

In this section, we will explore various types of gun safes to suit different needs, with sub-sections outlining the best handgun safes, long gun safes, biometric gun safes, portable & travel gun safes, and wall safes and floor safes.

Best Handgun Safes

Handgun safes are specifically designed to store pistols and other small firearms securely. One of the best options in this category:


GunVault SECGV2050-19 Four Handguns Multivault Safe

Price: $219
Gun safe Type: Handgun Safes 
Installation: None
Weight: 16.5 lbs
RSC: Yes
Lock Type: Code

offers quick access through a simple code. It is a great under-the-desk pistol safe that doesn't require RFID keys or biometrics. However, it may not fit revolvers or extra magazines.

Long Gun Safes

Long gun safes are designed to hold rifles and other larger firearms, providing ample security and storage space. The Browning Sporter SP33 is one of the best safes for the money, which provides excellent security for your long guns. The Sporter SP33 features a mix of security and convenience with its gun safe type, installation, and lock type.

Biometric Gun Safes

For those preferring advanced technology and additional security, biometric gun safes are an excellent choice. The Vaultek RS Series RS500i Plus Edition is among the top biometric safes available, providing quick and secure access using your fingerprint. This safe offers a modern design, strong build, and customizable storage options, making it a popular choice for gun owners.

Travel and Portable Gun Safes

Securing your firearms while traveling is just as important as at home. The GunVault NV300 NanoVault is a fantastic option for those on the go. Priced at $39, it fits a full-size Glock 17 and two magazines, with holes for securing a cable. Lightweight and compact, it is an ideal choice for car storage and travel.

Wall and Floor Safes

Hidden wall and floor safes offer an extra layer of security by concealing the location of your firearms. Some excellent options in this category include safes from American Security and Snap Safe. These solutions provide different RSC types, weight, and installation methods for your specific needs.

When selecting the best gun safe for your needs, consider factors such as price, gun safe type, installation, weight, RSC-type, lock type, and model/series. With many available options, it is crucial to find a safe that caters to your specific requirements and preferences.

Key Details in Gun Safes

Locking Mechanisms

One of the essential features of a gun safe is its locking system. There are several types of locks that can secure your firearms, such as keypad locks and mechanical locks. A keypad lock offers the convenience of quickly opening the safe with a numeric code, while a mechanical lock uses a traditional dial to unlock the safe. Both of these options provide a different level of security and user experience, so it's crucial to choose one that best suits your needs.

Dehumidifiers and Lighting

To protect your guns from damage caused by moisture and damp conditions within the safe, consider a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers help maintain a dry environment and prevent rust and corrosion on your guns. Lighting is another essential detail in gun safes. Good lighting allows you to quickly locate and access your firearms even in low-light conditions. Look for safes with built-in lighting systems or invest in separate lighting solutions.

Protection Against Thieves

Protection against burglars is paramount when it comes to gun safes. Safes with thicker steel walls and reinforced doors are more difficult for criminals to break into. Additionally, safes with multiple locking bolts provide an additional layer of security. It is important to choose a safe with a reliable lock that is resistant to prying, drilling, and other forced-entry methods.

Securing the Safe

Another vital aspect of gun safes is how they are anchored. Safes should be secured to prevent burglars from easily removing the entire unit during a robbery. Many gun safes come with pre-drilled holes allowing you to anchor the safe to the floor or wall. This provides an additional level of security, making it more challenging for criminals to steal the safe and access your firearms.

Remember that the best gun safes will provide a combination of secure locking mechanisms, protection against environmental factors, and options for anchoring the safe to keep your firearms secure and out of unauthorized hands.

Advancements in Gun Safe Technology

Biometric Scanners

Biometric scanners have revolutionized the gun safe market by offering quick and secure access to firearms. These scanners use unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, to authenticate the user and grant access. This technology ensures that only authorized individuals can access the safe while preventing unauthorized access. Many biometric gun safes on the market today, such as the Vaultek RS Series RS500i Plus Edition, offer excellent security and ease of use.

RFID and Electronic Keypads

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are another advancement in gun safe technology. Users simply need to hold a unique RFID tag near the safe to unlock it, providing quick access to their firearms. This technology eliminates the need to remember complex combinations or risk losing small keys. Modern gun safes like the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 utilizes an electronic keypad system as an additional layer of security, requiring users to input a correct numerical code before gaining access.

Gas Strut Mechanisms

Gas strut mechanisms have made it possible for gun owners to access their firearms quickly and silently in an emergency. This technology employs a gas-filled strut to facilitate hinged door opening, allowing for a smooth and rapid opening. Gun safes with gas strut mechanisms, such as the ProVault 12-Gun Safe by Liberty with Electronic Lock, provide gun owners with a high level of security and efficient access when needed.

By incorporating these advanced technologies, gun safe manufacturers have catered to the needs of their users by providing enhanced security and user-friendly features. As a result, gun owners can now store their firearms with confidence, knowing that their valuable possessions are well protected.

Evaluating Specific Gun Safe Models

In this section, we will evaluate a few top-performing gun safe models and their features, to provide a better understanding of which may suit your needs and budget.


The Barska AX11898 is a large biometric rifle safe designed for gun owners with a sizable collection and limited space. Its biometric security system allows quick and easy access to your firearms while keeping them secure. Notable features include:

  • Price: Varies depending on the retailer
  • Gun Safe Type: Biometric Rifle Safe
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Weight: Varies depending on the model
  • RSC Type: Not specified
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Model/Series: AX11898


The AMSEC BFX6030 is a 2023 model gun and rifle safe with an impressive high gloss door and satin black textured body. Its robust construction offers advanced protection against burglaries and fires. Key specifications include:

  • Price: Varies depending on the retailer
  • Gun Safe Type: Gun & Rifle Safe
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Weight: Almost a ton
  • RSC Type: Not specified
  • Lock Type: Not specified
  • Model/Series: BFX6030


This model is not included in the links provided, so relevant information cannot be extracted. Please provide a source for this specific gun safe model.


The Winchester Ranger 26 gun safe is suitable for the ultimate protection against fire and burglaries. It features a door organizer for pistols and additional items. Essential details are:

  • Price: Varies depending on the retailer
  • Gun Safe Type: Two Tone Gun Safe
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Weight: Not specified
  • RSC Type: Not specified
  • Lock Type: Not specified
  • Model/Series: R-5930-26-3-E

The above-mentioned gun safes each have unique features and cater to different storage needs. Consider factors such as price, space, and security requirements when investing in a gun safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top-rated gun safe brand?

One of the top-rated gun safe brands is SecureIt with over 20 years of military firearms storage experience. Their Answer™ Ultralight Model 8 Pro has received high praise for its quality and security features.

How to choose the best small gun safe?

When choosing the best small gun safe, consider factors such as:

  • Price
  • Type (handgun or long gun)
  • Installation (wall-mounted or standalone)
  • Weight
  • RSC (Residential Security Container) type
  • Lock type (mechanical or electronic)
  • Model or series

Evaluate these factors based on your budget, space constraints, and security needs.

Which long gun safes offer the most value?

For budget-friendly long gun safes, consider options like Barska Biometric Rifle Safe. These safes offer value for your money without compromising on security features.

Which gun safes offer the best security?

Some of the best security features to look for in a gun safe include:

  • Anti-pry bars
  • Reinforced steel construction
  • Relocking devices for protection against forced entry
  • Highly secure lock types, such as biometric, electronic, or mechanical locks

Brands like SecureIt and Vaultex offer products with advanced security features to protect your firearms.

What factors to consider when buying a gun safe?

Some essential factors to consider when buying a gun safe include:

  • Type (handgun, long gun, or multi-storage)
  • Installation (floor, wall-mounted, or standalone)
  • Fire protection ratings
  • Security features (pry resistance, locking mechanisms, etc.)
  • Weight
  • Price

Assess these factors according to your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

Best gun safes - Sports Afield, American Security, Winchester

Some of the best gun safes from various brands include:

  • Sports Afield: Haven Series offers a balance between affordability and security features. Price: Varies, Gun safe Type: Long gun, Installation: Standalone, Weight: Varies, RSC Type: Standard, Lock Type: Electronic, Model/ series: Haven.

  • American Security: High-security models like the AmVault provide enhanced protection. Price: Varies, Gun safe Type: Multi-storage, Installation: Standalone, Weight: Varies, RSC Type: High-security, Lock Type: Electronic or mechanical, Model/ series: AmVault.

  • Winchester: Ranger series is known for their fire-resistant safes. Price: Varies, Gun safe Type: Long gun, Installation: Standalone, Weight: Varies, RSC Type: Fire-resistant, Lock Type: Electronic or mechanical, Model/ series: Ranger.

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